Any horse riders out there who had LD flap reconstruction with tissue expanders?


I’m just wondering if there are any horse riders out there who have been able to continue riding after LD flap reconstruction with tissue expanding implant? I had this done 7 weeks ago. Immediate reconstruction left side. Currently I’m still unable to drive as I find it too painful to select 5th gear so I’m wondering if I’ll ever be able to get back horse riding. I have concerns that due to the missing muscle in my back I may never regain the strength. I was only riding in a riding school but would love to get back to it to take my mind off having cancer. Anyone out there riding after this operation? How long did it take for you to be able to ride again following the op? Any tips or advice for getting back to riding please?

Many thanks

Faith 50

I have no experience with your situation , but am still waiting to ride after my operation, advised at least 6 weeks. It is frustrating and I understand your angst. I hope you get back in the saddle soon there is nothing more liberating.

Hi Faith50,
I have horses and ride competitively. I had a Diep reconstruction 5 months ago. The plastic surgeon advised me not to have an LD Flap as I would be left with a permanent weakness which would affect my riding. That said, I have very little fat and not much muscle there. So, I think it depends on what you have in that area to start with. I rode all the way through chemo, had a 6 week break for the op, rode through radiotherapy. I feel my balance was affected with chemo, esp docetaxel, but it is improving. Maybe speak to the riding school you go to and see if you can have someone walking beside you initially, or maybe some lunge lessons? xx

Oh Faith50, you WILL ride again. It might not seem like it now, but it will happen. I know exactly what you mean when you say you totally switch off from the world and its just you and the horse. You will know when the time is right to get back in the saddle, you also need to have the right horse. Would your local stables or a friend let you go and groom their horses? Sometimes you just need that horsey smell to make the world seem like a better place!! xx

Hi I am 6 weeks post stacked diep reconstruction. ( original mastectomy 2008 34 years old. )I was back driving at 4 weeks and plan to ride my horses at about 12 weeks. I have also booked in on a equine horse simulator with a Physio for 2 weeks time so I can see how I feel before I get on an unpredictable horse. I must admit the week following my surgery I didn’t think I could ever ride again, but that soon passed and I now muck out 2 horses everyday and turnout and lift water buckets. Hope this helps.

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