Any idea why my shoulder arm joint

Any idea why my shoulder arm joint (the one with Breast cancer) would be feeling a bit dead? The circulation in thesame hand also a bit poor.

I did have scolosis (curvature of the spine) in my youth, aged 12 and ths side was affected, but no problems since then.

Sometimes we suffer with psychosomatic pains or if you have had a core biopsy can affect the nerves on that side but have a chat to bc nurse they will advise you x

Oh gosh I was wondering something similar! My arm on my BC side seems achey all the time. I know my lymph nodes are involved but as my husband pointed out I am right handed and always use my right arm for juggling cooking in the kitchen and carrying the kids round the house. So he thinks I’ve just pulled a muscle and am obviously just concentrating on it more now I know that there is cancer there. I think psychosomatic symptoms are a definite! Hope your pains aren’t too bad! Xxx

I have the same - not constant but usually by the end of the day my right arm (the side with the BC and the affected lymph nodes) aches and feels almost cold and heavy. I did mention it to the consultant (as I was panicking it had spread to my bones!) and he said that the lymph node they took the biopsy from may have been close to a nerve?! I am also right handed, don’t know if that has anything to do with it? Xxx

If you have had a biopsy It is surprising how much discomfort that can lead to even more than the actual surgery .

Hi Dimaria
Where you not given exercises to do after ops?I have to do them 3 times a day which helps!
They are very simple too and can do sitting down.x

I used to find mine was worse when I was tired. Once I realised that when it started getting worse I took it as a sign to rest.