any ideas? for a wedding list?


am due to get wed in july, despite just being diagnosed with mroe secondaries to liver and spine (already have dx in both lungs)(waiting to find out treatment) but i am about to send out invites but not sure about the wedding list - there are a few household things that be useful but since my dx i really am unenthused about anythin to do with the house now, and i really just want money instead for a honeymoon as we dont have a lot of money and that would be fantastic so we could spend time together, but not sure how to put this in the invite - as dont want to ask for money! any ideas? i have given out the family invites and just said id like money but what about friends and friends of my husband to be who i dont know so well???


Hi Zippy
Are there any holiday companies that you can get vouchers for? It’s a bit easier to ask for them rather than cash. Otherwise use the guilt factor and say why you’d like money - for experiences rather than objects and can’t afford a honeymoon otherwise? Congratulations on the wedding though - great stuff and hope you have a fantastic day.
Nicky x

Hi Zippy

Fab idea - there’s a site called buy-our-honeymoon dot com. Or you can google honeymoon gift lists for other companies that do the same thing.

Have fun!


Had a little google and Thomson do gift vouches -

and another one is:

Or am sure if you look for more there are lots of companies that do the same type of thing. Or just create a wedding voucher type thing on your computer that you can put into each invite with what you would like.

I hope that you get lots of vouchers/money and go on a fantastic honeymoon.

Am sure you will have an absolutely fantastic wedding day.

Take care

Hi Zippy we did the same thing having lived together for several years and having 2 homes between us. Unfortunately a couple of the guests gave us vouchers that were wasted as they expired before the year was out one was Thomsons. They were not at all helpful even though I went in with bald head, showed appointment card and got letter from onc. I threatened to stand outside the shop to try to swap for cash. If I were to do it again I think it is much better to say cash donation towards holiday.
Love Debsxxx

I’d say be upfront and say you don’t want gifts but cash contributions towards a holiday would be great. I think people will be delighted to know that they are giving something which you really want. In general I have found that people really don’t know what to give terminally ill people and overdose on toiletries and chocolates.

Hope you day goes well.


Hi Zippy,
We are going to a wedding in a couple of weeks time and the couple have asked for money, we have not been upset or bothered by it, in fact relieved as we don`t have to bother shopping!!

The invitation said… If you were thinking of giving a gift to help us on our way,
A monetary token towards our house((honeymoon?) would really make our day,
But most importantly, we would like to say,
come along and have some fun,
On this our special day.
Congratulations, have a wonderful day.

hI Zippy, just to let you know that when i got married 18 months ago, we asked for contributions for a honeymoon, and nobody voiced any problem with that. We had a fantastic week in New York.

wISHING you a wonderful day and a brilliant honeymoon.

Hi Zippy

Congrats on your forthcoming wedding but so sorry about your recent dx.

My nephew married last year and they set up a ‘wedding list’ with a travel company so that we could give our donations direct to the company. (Trailfinders?) They told everyone in the invitations where they were hoping to go and we were all happy to add to their honeymoon fund instead of having to chose gifts. Only thing is, you will still want some spending money too. A lot of travel companies will give you leaflets to include with your invitations if you want.

Don’t forget to keep us updated.

Hi Zippy, we have been to 2 weddings recently and both just included a little note explaining they weren’t doing the usual list but would like money towards a honeymoon I had no objection would rather give something that was wanted! Hope all goes well for you, love Debs xxx

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding. I expect your guests are also wondering what to do - presuming they know you have secondary cancer.
We renewed our wedding vows 18 months ago and wrote a note in the invite saying we didn’t want presents but donations to a certain charity were welcomed and guests were happy with that.
I know asking for charity is different than asking for yourself but I’m sure you could write a note saying that as it is a special wedding and that it would really make it your day, if people could contribute to your honeymoon instead of presents and I’m sure they would understand.
I can’t advise about money or voucher is best though.
Hope the plans are going OK and that you will have a lovely time.
Love Kate

Hi Zippy – like everyone else who has posted, I think your friends & family would be really happy to give you money for your honeymoon, as it’s something that they’ll know you really want. Some friends of mine were married last year – as they’d lived together for some time, they didn’t really need toasters, etc., and so asked for cash. And they had a very cute hand-made “posting box” at their reception, where we could all put our envelopes with cash gifts. Hope all goes wonderfully well on the big day!
Marilyn x

Hi Zippy and big congrats on your forthcoming wedding. My brother is getting married this year, and has a list on your-wedding-list (edited by facilitator) There you can break the costs down into chunks, such as individual nights at the hotel, day trips, a taxi from airport to hotel, a special meal for the last night, etc. It’s more personal as you get to choose a particular thing, rather than just give cash. You can also contribute towards one of the items if you don’t want to spend the whole whack (useful when it gets nearer to the day and all that’s left is the flights!). We chose to buy them a diving trip.
I think it’s definitely worth asking for honeymoon money - I think in our situation people understand the need to have special times, and realise ‘things’ take on less importance.
Have a wonderful time choosing your destination
Jacquie x