Any ladies take Co-enzyme Q10?

hello fellow Femara takers,anyone taking above mentioned supplement?
This one Ive had bought me is 200mg and comes highly recommended by a friend who really knows her onions when it comes to alternative stuff. She thinks it will help with my aches & pains but I dont want to upset my apple cart as I already take cod liver oil &glucosamine. Im feeling worse at the moment but my B.C.N. tells me that side effects peak after 6mnths,Im 5mnths into it and feel like s***.Pains all down each leg from the groins and my back is making my life miserable,most girls report wrist and finger pain but not me.

Cheerio, love Mags

Hi Mags,

I’m on tamoxifen rather than femara.

I do take Co-enzyme Q10, but more in the hopes that it gives me more energy and combats the fatigue than for the aches & pains. I take glucosamine & chondriton for those. I think it all helps because things got a bit better each time I introduced something, although the fatigue might have been lessening anyway. It is knees and fingers for me!

Eliza xx