Any lobular ladies out there ?

Moonshine, not sure if you saw my postings yesterday. My mum has lobular, and had a 4cm tumour. It was shrunk with letrezole and then she had a partial mastectomy at the r marsden two weeks ago. Lobular is very hard to judge, and they said they wouldnt know until after the path results if they had got clear margins. Well she got the news yesterday, no node involvement and clear margins, so no chemo just rads! boy am I happy! so there is light at the end of the tunnel with lobular. Mum was only dx 5 months ago and we have come along way on her journey.


Mine was lobular Grade 2, and I had bilateral mastectomies 3 years ago, followed by recon. Recon initially went wrong because of infection, but they’re not too bad, and I am going back sometime later in the year to have fat injected into the creased areas. I’ve left a message for you on Chrissie’s thread.

Talk to you later honey.

Julie xxx

Thanks Julie, (my fellow little lob!!)

Get a bit panicky about all this, I can’t help it, been living on my nerves for too long I guess.
Did you have chemo or rads, nymph nodes etc., Have calmed down a lot to how I was a week ago, was in a right state.
Have been a bit uptight today, too humid for me, makes me feel worse, girls have been arguing, puppy did a poo on the carpet again, (but I still love him to bits) have to put it in poop bag and then wrap in newspaper so it doesn’t smell in dusbin - Fish N Chips Anyone!!
Well I’m off to bed, perhaps I’ll be better tomorrow.

Hope you are still feeling better now meds have been changed.
Take Care
|Love Traceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hope I haven’t offended anyone by using the word poo


Jules1964 - thanks and brilliant news about your Mum - we need to hear good news!!


I had an MRI before surgery/after diagnosis…it didn’t really tell them anything new as the tumour had shown up on CT scan, it was bigger than initially thought, extended behind the nipple so they’d already decided on a mastectomy. I couldn’t have immediate recon coz they felt time was of the essence and I would also need chemo and rads…rads can have a detremental effect on recons in some circumstances.

As for lobular being easier or harder to treat, well not too sure but in a way it’s irrelevant coz you have what you have and all that matters is that you get the best treatment for your bc.

Hope you’re feeling a bit better today.
Claire x

Your welcome moonshine, I know how horrendous the worrying can be, and I found myself regarding mum and her cancer and also before my own lumpectomy (which was benign) thank god! That any positive past experiences from people really helped me, so I hope it might give you some hope too.

Love Jules xxx

Hi Moonshine - sorry to hear about your husband and subsequent diagnosis. I was diagnosed on 1st Aug with lobular and had my MRI yesterday. Won’t know till Friday what the extent is and I have been up and down like a yo-yo but today I feel better having read Chris Woollams book “Cancer - 15 Things You Should Know” it’s a real help and has made me feel as if I have a bit more control of this awful situation. Some really good info and encouragement by a man who is a biochemist. There are so many people out there who are beating this and there’s every reason to believe that you and the rest of us can do the same. You’re not alone and you need never feel that you are. Make sure you have some fun because thinking about all this can drag you down - post it up on the website and let us all know how you’ve been having fun - if it’s printable!

Love Jo

Hi Moonshine

Just thought i would add to the other ladies, i was diagnosed with lobular and ductal both in the same breast in May 2007, so mastectomy for me but thankfully no lymph involvement but all lymph nodes taken out just to be cautious. I worried about my lobular being not so common and not always showing up on mammo or ultrasound but the radiologist consultant did reassure me that they usually know when something is not right. The other hospital he practices in he does automatic breast MRI on his lobular ladies and is currently training up 5 radiographers to do this in my area,so i am waiting for this to totally put my mind at ease. Mind you it is not available on the NHS so will have to zap the credit for the £350 it costs but it will be worth it just for peace of mind.

I must admit i do worry about them perhaps missing something but i can’t spend my life worrying about something that may or may not happen, i do not want to be afraid of living. Thank God i will continue to feel well and enjoy every day.

Best of luck to you and i will be anxious to hear how you get on.

Best wishes

Hi Suzzanne,

Was just about to log off and I saw this thread come up.

Thank you so much for replying, glad to hear you are doing so well. Know what you mean about the MRI’s - I am prepared to pay if I have to.
Jackie28 has recently been diagnosed with lobular and ductal, so I will tell her she’s not the only one - she says she is a crossbreed!!

I understand about the worrying, it’s something we all have to cope with and there are no easy answers. You seem to have the right attitude - keep it going.
Have you finished your treatment now. I’m just starting, first surgery this thursday followed by all the rest of it.

You can usually find me these days on the ‘confusing diagnosis’ thread. All are always welcome there.

Take Care
Tracey xx

Hi …
what a nice thread…

lovely people.

Tracey you will be ok - it’s just time and ‘stuff’…

I am not cowardly but yeugh - MRI was the worst bit ever!!! nothing showed on mammogram or u/s…so core biopsies and then MRI… done the op and chemo and next monday rads finish - it is doable

our bit of cancer is treatable and the treatment makes us tired… i have tried to just move forward and there are loads of laughs on the way. Hey drop in at the dew drop inn two thread. I opened this virtual bar… too many posts so we opened the next one… i could be a virtual millionnaire

if u do come to the pub just go to the last page!!!

My v best wishes to everyone who has posted.

Jen xx

Hi girls

I am a crossbreed with a mixed invasive - recently largest tumour removed at 1.7mm and due to have litle satelittes removed next week. Not got full details but wish you all luck!

Tuesday xx