Any mets ladies in North Lancs, South Lakes area??


Just wondering if there are any secondary ladies who fancy meeting up for tea, cake and chat in this area?

I have bone mets and live in Morecambe but can travel easily enough to places like Kendal, Preston, Settle etc - you get the idea of the rough area…Have started going to the monthly meetings in Liverpool run by BCC but to have some ladies to chat to about all sorts a bit nearer home would be nice. The only criteria, apart from the dreaded mets, is that you have to like tea and cakes!!

Liz x

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Hi Liz
I’m near Bolton just off M61
Karen x

Thanks for replying Karen. You’re on the bone mets thread aren’t you? You are certainly near enough for me! Are you going to be able to get to the Liverpool meeting? Would be good if you can.

Liz x