Any one else having trouble getting femara

Just wanted to see if anyone else if having trouble getting femara. The last time I put my perscription in the chemist had to fax a copy of my perscription to the manufacturers and then one week later they got the femara.
I thought this was a one off until today I put another perscription in and low and behold they have the same problem, they say they cant get hold of it and say they will have to chase it.
Luckily I still have two weeks supply. … Apparently they say it is a problem with the manufacturer…Just wondered if any one else has had the same problem

I haven’t had this problem yet but I understand that it is better if your pharmacy sets up a direct account with the manufacturer. They can then get it in a couple of days by courier, so my pharmacist told me.

Ann x


Just to let you know I am having exactly the same problem with getting Femara. Last time my chemist faxed the manufacturer direct and a week later had to chase them up again, tonight I went in to see if my latest prescription had arrived, the chemist faxed them over a week ago but still no joy, I know they will eventually arrive but like you cannot understand why they make it so difficult to get this drug. Lets hope it improves.

Marina x

Hi Marina

My GP told me that Boots guarantee to have Femara now so that might be worth a try.

I haven’t tried Boots personally because I’m not taking Femara anymore it aggravated my migraines so I’ve stopped taking it. It was been an awful pain to get hold of and we really don’t need the worry of wondering if we are going to get our drugs for the next month.

I hope this helps

Best of luck

Jan xx

Hi Jan,

Thanks for that definitely worth giving Boots a try. Strangely enough I also suffer with migraines, I have for most of my life but they have been worse over the last 10 years. I tried Arimidex first and that made mig much worse, so I am now on Femara been on it for 11 weeks the first 5 were really bad but they have calmed down a bit now. I want to try and persevere as mine are for secondary bc in lung which was diagnosed in October and hopefully they will shrink the tumour. I was diagnosed with primary bc in 2006 had lumpectomy,chemo and rads then on tamoxofen, that affected migraines at first but was ok after, I still got migs but just as normal. What are you taking now?

Take care
Marina x

Hello ladies,
Thank you for your commments, I have been having rather a lot of headaches so was releifed that you mentioned this is your posts. It must be down to the femara, some weeks they are worse than others but I will persist with femara as it seems to be doing the trick. I will also try boots as my next stop.
Thanks for you help
Fay :o)


I’ve had migraine most of my life too. I’m nearly 63. Femara was giving me a migraine every day and when I get a really bad one I have to have morphine injections. They are really severe and I couldn’t do anything at all which is no good.

I do have some Maxalt Melt Wafers which are very good but they are very strang and I shouldn’t be using them every day which I was on Femara. I was dx in September 2007. Grade 2 primary, very small. I had lumpectomy and 25 rads.

The generic tamoxifen didn’t suit me at all and so I went on to Nolvadex-D which I felt really well on but it has now been discontinued. That was when I went onto Femara. The pharmacist has now managed to get 10 packs of Nolvadex for me and so I’m back on that for the next few months.

I’m at the hospital in a couple of weeks and I’m going to ask the onc about what happens when the Nolvadex runs out. I didn;t take anything for 3 weeks when I came off the Femara and felt like me again I’m very tempted to ask what the risk is if I don;t take anything!

I think that Femara is probably the best if you can stick it so keep at it ladies as long as you can.

I do hope you find a reliable source for your medication.

Do take care of yourselves.

Jan xxx

YES - I’m having a problem getting my next prescription of Femara - I have a repeat dispensing thing with Boots. They don’t have any in stock (I have 2 left!!!) and are in touch with the manufacturer. They don’t expect to get any until next week!!! Where does that leave me?

Last time I was ahead of myself and got my supply well in advance, but that had it’s own problems as the pharmacist made me feel like I was overdosing on them as I was asking for them too soon!

So - I’ve left it this time and now can’t get any! What do do?

Has anyone contacted Novartis direct?

Just found this thread discussing supply when I searched via google.

About to search for a link mentioned within the discussion.

Here is the link…for your information

This Daily Mail story may interest those on Femara and Arimidex. It explains why it’s getting increasingly difficult to get both hormonals
Just the extra hassle and worry you don’t need when you already have enough on your plate… :frowning: xx

Yes, there was something on the BBC news last week about there being a shortage of around 40 popular drugs, because wholesalers are selling them abroad at a greater price. The pharmacy which supplies my Femara has a direct account with the manufacturer and I have had no problems getting them so far.

Ann x

Here’s the link

My local Boots deals direct with the manufacturer.(Edit…it doesn’t!) I have been advised to ring round all the local pharmacists…I’ll end up feeling like a recorded message I’m sure!

Of course then I need to get past the GP reception to get an emergency prescription…

*goes away to start calling*

Have been given a number for Novartis…0845 741 9442

May be helpful to others out there too!

I have to update you…my chemist pulled out all the stops and I got my next lot of Femara today. Phew!

If you experience problems, put them in touch with the Novartis helpline.

I used to be on Femara, and my chemist had a nightmare trying to get hold of any. My best option was to get them from my hospital when I went to see my oncologist!

Hello everyone, as someone else mentioned in a previous post, these ‘supply chain issues’ are said to be caused by pharmacists, hospitals and wholesalers selling prescription drugs, intended for the UK, to customers in Europe for profit.

A summit was held on Tuesday at the Department of Health to try and find solutions to the problem. One action is that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) will be investigating breaches of conduct that have caused the shortages so your experiences could help them with their enquiries.

If you want to report problems you’ve had with your supply of medicines, you can email MHRA on: <script type=“text/javascript”>eval(unescape(‘%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%69%6e%66%6f%40%6d%68%72%61%2e%67%73%69%2e%67%6f%76%2e%75%6b%22%3e%69%6e%66%6f%40%6d%68%72%61%2e%67%73%69%2e%67%6f%76%2e%75%6b%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b’))</script>

If you don’t want to make a formal complaint, but are having problems with your medicine supply you can ask your pharmacist to either contact the manufacturer directly or check if other local pharmacies have the drug.

My doctor gives me 3 monthly repeat prescriptions for tamaxofen - I don’t know if he will for femera but I plan to ask. having a stock supply gives me onw less worry so I hope they will!
L x

Do they allow you to collect them all at the same time, though? My doctor allows 6 repeats written on the prescription, each for two months’ supply of Femara, without me having to see him. I leave the repeat form with the chemist and just ring when I need some more. The chemist gives the request to the surgery, collects the prescription and when I go to the chemist, it is ready for me. I can only physically have two months’ supply at any one time, though. They have a direct account with the manufacturer and I have had no trouble getting any so far.

Ann x

Yes, of tamoxafen I got 3 months supply at a time. Don’t know if they’ll let me with femara though - I’ve just started taking it. I will find out soon!