Any one else on permanent Chemo

We have been told my wife will now stay on Chemo permanently.

She has had ( so far )

11 sessions of Tax/Xeloda.
Xeloda on it´s own for a further 6 months.
Femara without Chemo but her markers went up.
Now on 5 out of 6 FEC.
We have been told she will go straight from FEC to another Chemo and they will continue with Chemo indefinitely, anyone else heard of this or any experience of it ?

Hi Terry

Sorry, can’t help with that one. Just thought I’d ‘bump’ it up to see if anyone else can help.

Julie x

Hi Terry think a couple of the ladies on secondary forum are on perm chemo I have just been taken of taxol but will remain on avastin and byphos every 3 weeksas long as it holds the liver tumours.

Love Debsxxx

Hi Debs & Julie,

Thanks for that hopefully someone will enlighten me. We see the Onc again this Friday so I will ask what exactly is next. I am not too sure my wife wants me to actually ask that question though so we will talk it through.

Love to all


Chemo is the only option for me - 3 years down the line from liver mets. Hormonals don’t work. Have had in total: EC, 6 months tamoxifen (didn’t work) Weekly taxol for about 6 months Femara (11 weeks - didn’t work) and xeloda since then. Next will be vinorelbine, gemcitabine then who knows… Permanent chemo is not that uncommon and you are quite like to have ‘recovery breaks’ as it goes on. Good Luck on Friday.


I’ve been on chemo for 20 months so far without a break and will continue to be on it for as long as it works for me.

My oncologist told me last week that if and when it stops working she’ll look at a different chemo alternative which is different from what I was told back in 2006 (just shows you how things can move on)

My other two experiences of chemo were 4 months initially back in 1995 and 6 months in 2004 and now my current one since 2006.


Thank you very much for your replies, I can assure you it gives me hope. My wife has effectively been on chemo solid now
( if you count Xeloda ) for 26 months, is that the same as you ?

The QOL is better on FEC than it was on Tax but on Femara she was almost human again !! shame it did not work. The tiredness is the worst, it may be the Morphine patches but we do not know.

Love to all

Hi Terry

Mine has been solid 20 months on Xeloda (and many more I hope!).

My only real side effect is fatigue as well - it usually kicks in late afternoon but, for me, it’s a small price to pay for feeling well and having that all important quality of life.

Glad to hear that your wife is responding better to FEC. It’s weird isn’t it how some treatments work well for some people and not so well for others like your wife with Femara.

Take care


I will post what the ONC says tomorrow, wish us luck.


Saw the ONC before FEC number 5. She said one tumour in the liver was slightly bigger but not aggressively so. After FEC number 6 they are in fact going to give my wife a rest, but that means more hormone treatment.
Last time it was Femara which did not work so I expect they will try another. Could not really find out how many options are left, especially when the next Hormone treatments stops, or works at all.

Love to all