Has anyone been diagnosed grade 1 stage 3…looking for what to expect next… Apart from mastectomy…plz

Hi tracy2905,

I don’t have the same diagnosis as you, but wanted to respond to your post and say that there are lots of lovely women here who will reply soon and let you know what to expect.  It is so hard, isn’t it, being at the beginning of your journey and not really knowing what to expect.   The best advice I got was: - don’t look up the internet as the infornation and statistics are out of date; - use this forum and Macmillan’s forum for information and support; - and remember that the anxiety and panic are normal and that you will get through this and get back to normal.  It may take a while, but you will. 

Good luck - and keep reading and posting!

P x

Hi Tracy, I don’t come on here often these days but just wanted to reassure you there is light at the end of the tunnel especially as this doesn’t seem the most common combination of grade and stage. I was diagnosed with grade 1 stage 3a invasive ductal cancer in Feb 2011 and had mastectomy, node sampling, then another op for node clearance as they found cancer in 2 lymph nodes (as well as 2 large tumours and DCIS totalling89mm). Then had 6 rounds of chemo and 3 weeks of radiotherapy to chest wall, 2 years of tamoxifen now on anastrazole. Sounds loads but it’s doable! now back at work full-time and keeping very well, down to just annual mammo and check-up. And not thinking about cancer all the time! Exactly what treatment you have will be worked out by your team, and what’s available keeps improving. It’s all really daunting at the beginning but this forum is a godsend for information and to connect with others who really get what you’re experiencing. Wishing you all the very best for your treatment, Jude x