Any one from East London/Essex area?

Hi anyone having treatment at King George Hosp Ilford orQueens Romford? I’m starting chemo probably January .Love to hear from fellow Essex girls x

Hi ya,
Yes I’m currently under KGH for surgery and Queens for when I start Chemo.
I go for results of axilla Node clearance and 2nd breast op this Friday 30th…so
A little shaky at the moment. If no further surgery needed reckon chemo will start
Having physio tomorrow at KGH, only emailed them last night and got phone call this morning.
Cant fault the care I have received, so it does certainly help your state of mind if you trust those around you.
Please feel free to inbox me, lovely to chat to an Essex Girl
Maggie x

Yes me…
I did just write a longer message to you, but it disappeared.
Please feel free to inbox me, be lovely to chat to an Essex girl…

Hopefully chat soon, Maggie xx

oh and GOOD LUCK for Friday . Let me know how it goes. x God bless x

hi maggie, looks likeone of my messages to you got lost in space!! How did it go yesterday with physio . Wishing you loads of luck for friday please let me know how you get on. The waiting is dreadful it wears you down . Seem to be worrying 24/7 these days. Sorry post got lost will write later giving you some of my details ,just seeing daughter off to uni . Speak soon .x

Hi Ive just had second surgery at KGH and will have chemo and rad at Queens. Really scared about what happens next!


I’m also being treated at KGH and Queens. Would also be interested in meeting up with people.

Hi, guys I am having chemo now at KGH cedar centre, I would like to meet with you guys!
When shall we say- let’s do it!!!

hi Sarah and Lily,
I’m fairly flexible about when and where to meet. Don’t know whether Romford or Ilford would be best.
Maybe it’s best for Sarah to decide as she is still on Chemo and may feel sometimes during the cycle are better than others.
Hope we can sort something out.


I am having treatment at Whipps and Barts, and would be interested in meeting up with others treated there or perhaps Whipps/Barts patients could join the KGH/Queens group?

Hi, I’m currently having neo-adjuvant chemo at KGH. I’ve already spoken to Sarah on this site. Not sure if I’m ready for a face to face meet up yet but I’d like to stay in touch here.

My bcn mentioned a younger women’s support group that meets at Victoria once a month on a Thursday evening - have any of you been to this?

Hi all rainham here new to this forum about to start treatment at queens after surgery at kg, would love to hear of any local ladies going thru this c…p. It’s a scary place to be and seem to be having major wobbles at mo. lynda

Hello all, I’m another Essex girl :slight_smile:

I’ve just come across this post and thought it would be lovely to chat to others locally or if anyone fancies meeting up…

As much as friends try to understand only us who are going through this journey truly understand…

I have just finished chemotherapy and am starting radiotherapy at the end of this month.

Look forward to chatting with you all soon.

Hi =) I’m also in Essex. Am awaiting dates for double mastectomy as I’m a carrier of the brca2 gene. I’m only 23 so very overwhelmed but hoping to find some support & people to chat too in the same boat or any support and information x

i am based in dagenham and can meet up in romdford? i have finished my treatment and can meet during the day or evening? 

i had my chemo at kgh and rads at queens happy to meet up

Hi girls, I am in romford, had surgery kg and will be having rads at Queens. Maybe arrange a meet up. Lol xxxxx