Any one had an oophorectomy.


just wondered how you’re doing now, how it felt and how you managed going straight in to the menopause…

I saw my Consultant today and I’m definately having my ovaries removed (unless I decide otherwise) just waiting for confirmation from allergy clinic re what I can have in theatre (stupid allergies!).



Hi, yes Ive had oophorectomy. Almost 18 months ago. I was 36. I had it via keyhole surgery and had to stay in overnight. Have a small scar 2cm each side which you can barely see now. I have to say that I found the recovery very painful for about a week - was laid up really and all tummy area ached. They didnt tell me this, the gyne said was a simple op etc… well simple it may have been but certainly not to be underestimated. Having said that, I wouldhave it done again tomorrow the alternative is worse!

As for menopause side effects, everyone is different and they told me that I would probably experience quite severe symptoms as due to my age wasnt anywhere near ready to go thro it naturally, but I think I have got away quite lightly really. I feel that my body temperature in general is higher, and I do get some flushes, probably only 1 a day and I dont go bright red, just hot for a few mins. I have not suffered any night sweats (my friend has and says they are awful). I struggled with a lack of patients with my kids in particular so eventually went to gp and was put on loss dose anti depressants - which I really didnt want to do, but they worked wonders for me, came off them after about 14 months, and although I did feel rubbish even tho I was weened off them, I have not felt the need to go back on them. I am very forgetful and concentration levels are not what they used to be, I think this is menopause but have have chemo as well so who knows.

To sum up, I would deffinately have this op to reduce my chances of bc coming back again even tho I now know what having them out entails.

Good luck
Ness1. x

Hi Katie

I had an oophorectomy June last year, I had a very positive experience. The keyhole surgery went very well and I had minimal ‘discomfort’. I certainly wouldn’t have called it pain! I was advised to take 2 weeks off work, but could have gone back earlier really, because I felt fine! The scars were tiny, hardly noticeable now. The menopausal symptoms weren’t as bad as I was expecting, but I did have one ‘black’ very emotional day the following week!

The worst thing really was changing from Tamoxifen to Aromasin, I was fine on Tamoxifen, but have really been suffering from aches and joint pains on Aromasin. I was 43 so it did bring on an instant menopause.

Hope that if you go ahead with it, all goes well! Any more questions just ask!

Take care Nicky

Thanks Ness 1 and Nicky!

Your comments are really helpful.

I scared myself by searching side effects and landed on a site that said it effected your heart, could cause early onset of dementia, emotional problems and bone thining!! Should stick to reputable british sites… Have you been given any advice along these lines? I guess I’ll get that sort of info from the gyne bods…

thanks again, don’t know where I’d be with out this site anad the support of the people I’ve met through it.

Katie x

Hi Katie

I was prescribed alendronic acid to prevent osteoporosis, because I have gone through the menopause early! I also have to take 2 calcium tablets a day…This seems to be quite common.

thanks Nicky!

yes me too 2 calcuim tablets per day

Thanks ness

Hi Katie, i had an oophrectomy in 2004 for non cancer related reasons. I initally had HRT but since bc, no way can i have it. I find it hard with no ovaries, tamoxifen and post bc treatment but am getting used to it and have no problems with my heart, don’t think i have dementia!. i do have osteoporosis but treatment could have caused this (arimidex). Now I have a more active job, i get very few aches and pains and this certainly helps the osteoporosis.Mentally I am better too again due to a change of job.I couldn’t have keyhole surgery but my wound healed very quickly. The only problem i had was a raging urine infection from the catheter !

See you soon. Love Rachy xxx

Thanks Rachy, When I see you I’ll probably pump you for more inf!!

I’m sorry I didn’t have time to get back to you, got your message and then lost the phone, memory getting worse!!! Really busy this week with hospital appointments so we’ll have to have that coffee after next week!

See you soon… am nearly packed!

love Katie x x x