Any one had immediate reaction to Tax infusion

Today I had my 2nd Tax infusion. I was warnd when I had the first one there could be side effects in the first minutes and to call a member of the chemo team immediately. Within 5 mins I was ware I felt strange my chest tightened and then I had the sudden all over  back cramp! I told a member of staff and he quickly reacted by turning tax off and giving me 2 IV injections, followed by IV pain killer , followed by a flush out. The dlay was about 30 mins although felt much longer! My face went very red also.

The tax was restarted slowly and I managed to get through without any further problems!

Has this happened to anyone else?

When the oncoogist came to see me he explained that the drug had been new in first round so no reaction, when put in for the second round body felt it coming and didn’t want it so set up a reaction!!!

Yes the same thing happened to me with my second dose. In my case they did not administer any more of the docetaxel but changed me back to FEC. I was glad because I had bad side effects (back pain) after the first dose.

Hello Rosie14, I had a similar reaction to yours at the start of my first tax infusion…it is quite common so don’t worry. They added piriton and hydrocortisone to my next two infusions to prevent it happening again, which is probably what they gave you along with the flush. I think the trick is to run it through as slowly as possible. I was ok on my last two tax cycles. Good luck with your last one! xx

Sorry to hear of your bad reaction toTAX. My Oncologist has warned me about side effects of the drug but not about such a bad reaction as you all seem to have had. I have my first Tax next Thursday and I am not looking forward to it. I have had three rounds of FEC and I have been very lucky and have not suffered from really bad side effects. Good luck ladies with your next TAX.

Hi SML, I’d just like to say that most people dont have a reaction to the tax infusion…your chemo nurse will probably mention it to you when you have your first tax next week as a precaution. Good luck! xx

Hi there
This is my first post so please bear with me.
I was due my 2nd Tax yesterday, went along, bloods ok, started infusion and within seconds started to feel unwell, tingling down arms , tightness in chest, dizzy, spots before eyes, vert hot and face felt swollen , although they said not but very red. That stopped infusion and administered portion and hydrocortisone via my Picc line, gradually improved. Did not have any more of it and now to have Abraxane next week. Did have steroids as prescribed the day before and yesterday as I did the first round. Was scary at the time but ok and nurses where excellent, there straight away and knew exactly what happening and what to do.
I had been informed of the possibility prior to my first Tax and was worried how I would know if it was happening, but there is one thing for sure, if it’s deffinatly happening you will know.
I am no a course of FEC-T, had 3 FEC cycles, due 3 T. This would have been my 5 th out of 6.
Anyway onwards and upwards, I’ve got a weeks reprieve and if feeling better so will make the most of it.
Hope all goes well with everyone else out there and keep on battling through x

I had second chemo round on this week 28 Dec 2016 with an allergic reaction to docetaxel which was then stopped. They then ran piriton and hydrocortisone through and restarted half an hour later and all went well