Any Younger women in Scotland

Any Younger women in Scotland

Any Younger women in Scotland Hi I have posted many times before but have found there to be no younger women being treated at the same time as me from my area (I am 30). I moved to Fife on the first day of my chemotherapy from Edinburgh. I am nearly finished my radiotherapy (only 2 weeks left) but I feel quite alone in all of this.
My friends and family have been great but its not the same talking to someone who has gone through the same as yourself.
I should be happy as I am getting married at the end of June but I will be returning to work soon after to a job I didn’t really like in Edinburgh.
Sorry to go on but when you are going through the beginning of treatment you are so busy and now that everything is slowing down it has started to hit me that I actually had cancer and it’s scary.

Sherryll xxx

Younger Women’s Telephone Support Group Hi Shezy

Have you considered a Younger Women’s Telephone Support Group.
They get together once a week to talk together with people who’ve been there.
The groups have been found to be particularly useful for you if you feel isolated.
A new group is due to begin on Tuesday 15th May 2007 and will run each Tuesday from 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm. for eight weeks. If you would like more information please contact the helpline on 0808 800 6000 or clink on the link:

Kind Regards

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yes, me! Hi Shezy

I am also from Scotland (Perthshire) and am 33 - was diagnosed last August and have just finished chemo and started rads. I too have had great support from family and friends, but I know what you mean about no-one really knowing what it’s like! I only post here from time to time, but hopefully it helps to know there are others out here!

One thing you might or might not have tried is visiting a maggies centre? I am being treated in Dundee and have found the centre there invaluable - there are staff who can talk things over with you, and also it’s a good opportunity to meet other people who are going through treatment or have been through treatment - it’s really helpful to compare notes. Though I have to say, there aren’t many as young as me - maybe that’s the silver lining, realising I’m not so old after all!

I can’t work out if you’re being treated in Fife or Edinburgh but I know there’s a maggies centre in Edinburgh and also one recently opened in Kirkcaldy. You might want to give them a try, if you haven’t already of course.

Also, there was an article reproduced somewhere on this site recently (maybe under “Living with Breast Cancer”) about how people feel once they’re finished with treatment - the jist is that often it’s only then that you start to deal with the emotional aspects of it all, because until then you’ve had to just get your head down and get on with it, but it does give useful tips on how to start dealing with it.

Hope you start to feel better soon

Best wishes


For Michelle - Me Too Hi Michelle,

I have had to re-post your latest post deleting your email address as here at BCC we do not publicise private email addresses.

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Posted by Michellegiff 21.04.07 2.26pm
Hi Sweetie,

Ive also felt, that maybe there was a lack of younger women from Scotland on this site. Im from Glasgow, age 33, well tomorrow I will be 34. Was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in September last year.

Currently Ive got 2 more chemos to go then will start radiotherapy. So Im not that far behind you. Im also feeling quite anxious nearing the end of treatment although dont get me wrong, Im also looking forward to getting my life back to normal, if there is such a thing as normality after what we have been through.

I too attend the Maggies Centre here in Glasgow, its a fabulous place but again Im the youngest one there. When I attend hospital for chemo, I feel that im the youngest one there too. Soo I do feel your pain Sweetie, I also at times feel very alone, I think it would have been nice to have met other younger women to have gone through the journey with, share experiences with etc.

Thanks Michelle for your kind words, I am being treated in Edinburgh and have been to the maggies centre a few times but am the youngest there and don’t feel comfortable. What Chemo are you on? Did you have or need an operation? Have you been on the Look Good, Feel Good course at Maggies it is ace and if you are not feeling up to it just now then get it booked for after your chemo, you get loads of free make-up some of the top brand names. Surely we can swap E-Mails somehow maybe the Moderator will advise us.


Love Sherryll

Thanks patience, I was 29 when diagnosed 1 month before my 30th Birthday in August last year too. As i have said to Michelle I have attended Maggies centre in Edinburgh but I still feel like the youngest there. Maybe it’s because I have chosen not to work when getting my treatment. A lot of things happened to me and my family over the last year, I was diagnosed, my mum had a stroke at the age of 48, my gran had a nervous breakdown, and my fiance had to be paid off from work beacause of an accident he had.

Hope this year is better for all of us.

Love Sherryll

Hi Sweetie Thank you so much for the Birthday Wishes for tomorrow. I would normally be having a night out but Im going to have a big glam night out, at the end of all of my treatment.

Ive had a lumpectomy and Lymph Node clearance. Prior to this I had a Fine Needle Aspiration Test which showed Abnormal Cells then a Biopsy which found traces of DCIS. It was after this, that I had the Lumpectomy and learned the Pathologists findings, Cancer, Grade 3 found within the core of my tumour. I was then back into hospital having all my Lymph Nodes removed which were found to be clear, thankfully.

Ive had 4 Epirubicins and Im now on CMF. Ive found that my body struggled more with the CMF than the Epirubicin, so much so, that my chemo has been reduced by 20%. Nonetheless, I still found myself in hospital a couple of weeks later, Neutropenic.

I get chemo on Wednesday and my last one, the following week, YIPEE… Im so excited but anxious at the sametime.

What surgeries and chemo did you endure? How is radiotherapy? How soon did you start radiotherapy after your last chemo?

Ive got my name down for Look Good, Feel Better but its not til June so Im hoping for a cancellation before then. Ive heard so much about the goodie bag, so cant wait. Im very much a girly girl.

Are you looking forward to your wedding? Bet you busy with all the organising involved. Its nice to have something to look forward to.

Its a shame that my email address was removed from my last post but will try to contact Moderator to see if they can help us exchange email addresses. I think we would both benefit from this.

In the meantime, look after you.

Love, Michelle xxx

For the attention of the Moderator I understand why you removed my email address from this post but can you help both Sherryll and I, exchange email addresses?

Thanking you in advance for your assistance.


hi hello sherryl, my name is lorraine am 36 years old am from broxburn a town just outside edinburgh, i was dianogised with breats cancer in november last year, iv had the op and iv just finished my first lot of chemotherpy start my radiotherpy this tuuesday, i know how you are feeling and it is so scary i havent been able to sleep the last couple of nights, but we have times like this and other times feel okay , just cant wait to its all over me , i feel quiet alone to and only have my sister but when i talk with her she just dont understands. but i hope your okay and hope to hear from you soon, all the best lorraine. xx

After the treatment finishes… please follow the link to this very useful document written to help people come to terms with life after the end of treatment. It might help you to understand the conflicting emotions which people often feel - sadness and confusion when they think they should be happy…


Edinburgh young women’s group Maggies in Edinburgh run two groups for young women, one in the daytime which is mainly used by women in treatment, and one meets monthly in the evenings - I go to that one.

I’m 38, diagnosed at 35 and live in Edinburgh.


actually sharon it is only 5 posts :slight_smile:

Hi Girls,

Just thought I’d join your chat - hope that’s ok. I’m 31 and from Glasgow. You can see my info in my profile.
When I used to go for chemo I’d hear the old dears saying, ‘There’s that young lassie in again!’ in a whisper but at the top of their voices. It was funny really but reminded me that I was 20 years younger than most of my fellow patients! It is hard being the youngest one in the waiting room and at Maggies and wherever else so it’s good that we can chat on here. I too have joined the ‘other’ site and if you go to the Scotland bit you will find a thread that I started. Same name on there. Hope we can all chat.

Carla x

Younger Women in Scotland Hi all,

I don’t know if any of you are aware but Breast Cancer Care are putting on a Younger Women’s Forum in Carnoustie on 25th and 26th May 2007.

If you are interested in attending this forum please phone the helpline on 0808 800 6000 where you will be given further information about the forum and how to register. Alternatively follow the link below:

I hope this may be of interest to you.

Kind regards
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Hi Carla You are very welcome to come in and join the chat.

I have today registered with bcpals and left you a message on your post (well I hope its your post).

Love, Michelle x

I Live in Dunfermline Hi Sherryll

I completely understand how you are feeling as I have felt the same. I was diagnosed in March last year and finished chemo and rads at the end of September. I live in Dunfermline and would be happy to exchange e-mails etc


PS I was diagnosed at 36, married with 2 girls, at the time age 7 and 4.

Hope to hear from you soon

I was just 39 when diagnosed. I am 40 now. Like many people I feel like one of the youngest at the Hospital. Im being treated at the western in Edinburgh where they have been marvellous. I work shifts but would like to meet up with people if possible. There was a fitness class at the Western which was good. I think I just feel a bit lost sometimes as most of my treatment is over, Im still on Herceptin. After a year of full on treatment, its hard getting back to a normal life. I dont think I appreciate how ill I was.

For Imlauder I would like to meet you if possible. I am on my last week of radiotherapy and then I will be finished all my treatment. I start back to work on 16th July after being off since 7th August 06. Like you I am finding this part the hardest after all the treatment has finished.


Im Scottish Too Hi Sheryl

I was diagnosed aged 38 nearly 3 years ago and I live in Hamilton. I had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy now on Tamoxifen. I am attending the Younger Women’s Forum in Carnoustie this weekend and I hope to meet people who are going through similar experiences as myself; people who will judge me for myself, not my illness or my size.

family and friends can be a real support however they just don’t understand what BC sufferers/survivors go through, both mentally and physically. I will go on bcpals site and leave my email address if you wish to exchange correspondence. There are many of us in Scotland in the younger age bracket who suffer breast cancer, however we are classed as a minority group.

Good luck with your treatments.

Best wishes

Liz xxx