Anybody awake out there?

Am so peed off with all these positive comments - I have the hump and do not feel at ease with the world! Anybody else in the same boat?


Sorry all, was having a pre-op hating everything blip, back ‘on-form’ again! Hi, anniemac, what a pain for you with the dye thing. As if you haven’t had enough bad stuff to deal with. What will they do then? x Jackiex

Hi Jackie
I have read your other message too and just want you to know that you have nothing to be sorry for. I felt exactly the same when I was waiting for my op a few weeks ago. You are bound to feel like this and not being able to control our emotions at a time like this must surely be normal. There will be times when you will be feeling positive and the positive thoughts and comments do help, but, there is nothing wrong with being angry and upset at times too. I don’t feel able to give you lots of advice but the one thing that works for me is taking everything one step at a time. It is an awful thing to be going though and I hope you are feeling better at least for a while.

Thanks loo50, wise words indeed. Was having a really good day, buzzing round finishing off new bathroom and spare bedroom for my daughter to stay in while she helps me to recover. Thought I’d take a breather and come on here for a sec., then read JustAnnie’s poem - needless to say - it set me off again! Have alienated most of my friends where they wanted to keep fussing over me and talking about it. I can’t bear too much kindness at times like this - sounds ungrateful, I know - but I can’t bear being smothered. I just have to get my head down, focus and get on with this ‘thing’. Hope you’re recovering well. Best wishes, Jackie.

hi Jackie
they have decided to take more than normal amount of nodes and not use the dye
spent yesterday being checked for different allergic reactions the only possitive one was grass?
so i wouldnt worry about your sensitive skin if i can pass those allergy test anyone can. i must admit this has all been very quick
4 working days after routine mamogram had biopsy and four working days after that told op will be on 8th dec is it that quick for everyone?

Hi Annie, I think it all depends on what space your surgeon has in his diary. I was diagnosed on 5th Nov., saw him again the next week for further chat and op is on 26th Nov., and that was the first available slot he had. Which area and hospital are you under?

hi jackie
glenfield, liecester
good luck for the 26th come back on line and let me know all is well

Hi Anniemac

Just to let you know I was diagnosed 28th Aug and had op on 4th Sept. Like Jackie said think it depends on surgeons availability and theatre diary.


i was diagnosed on 16th june and cant get a surgery slot till 22nd july i feel its a long time to have to wait but sounds like others have had to do the same