anybody in Shropshire/Mid Wales??

just wondered if there’s anybody from around me - ish, rural area etc…mary x

Hi Mary I am in Shropshire [Wem}.Where are you?Where did you have your treatment I was at RSH.

hi Horace - I’m actually nr welshpool and had clinic appt at telford (PRH) as the waiting was quicker - only got the news last wednesday so still shell shocked - have to go in 28th for lumpectomy & node sampling…how about you?

sorry - meant to post this in the newly diagnosed section…

Hi Kittenkat

I have moved the thread for you,

Best wishes

Hi kittencat I was dx Oct 06 and had lumpectomy at PR Telford then rest of treatment at RSH.My surgeon was Mr Usman and my oncologist Dr Agrawal.I found both brilliant as was my bcn Pat Jones.Let me know in a pm if you would like to meet up before your op and have a chat etc.Otherwise just ‘shout’ on here and I’ll help all I can.Love Vxx

hi horace - ahh than ks thats sounds good - would be good to meet up - brain is mush at the min but will keep you posted - yes PRH and rads at RSH & mr hinton is cons bless him…xx