Anybody from Nottingham and attending the Breast Institute at the City Hospital?

Hi Chrissy16,

I finished at end of Jan now but will have a check up agian in Aug, lump/25 rads. At the City Hospital. Did find all staff very good there.

Take care

Libravet xx

Hi Chrissy16 i am attending the City Nottingham, i am due for 1st chemo on Thursday 17 Feb, i am having FEC-T 3 of each. I has mx and recon from tummy in December so alot to recover from and have been waiting for it all to heal before starting chemo.
What stage are you at ?


I have just been diagnosed on Friday. I have a small lump and I am having it removed on 7th March. I have had core biopsies already. I will have estrogen blockers and radiation therapy. Its a lovely place and nice people. I am 62 years of age. I come from the South, but my husband came up here to work, and we have lived here 3 years.


I have found everyone at the breast institute and City hospital really friendly and supportive. I was diagnosed in September and have had a lumpectomy, reconstruction and am now going through chemo 6 x FEC (3 down, 3 to go), which will be followed by radiotherapy.

I don’t know if you have been told that the radiotherapy dept have open evenings so that you can have a look around before you start. I think they are 6:30pm 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.


Hello Nottingham ladies,

I live in Nottingham but go to Derby hospital (as I was diagnosed there). I’ve had mx and 4 out of 6 FEC. RADS to follow, then herceptin and tamoxifen. I think though that Nottingham is better for RECON, so I’m hoping somehow to be referred there. Derby sem only to do implants, which I don’t want.

Have been attending since December 2009 when I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.I had a mastectomy with implant in January 2010 followed by a reduction on the opposite side in February 2010. This was followed by 25 sesseions of radiotherapy, ovarian ablation using four sessions of radiotherapy and hormone treatment. I will be having further reconstruction later in the year. Currently I am back at work and apart from being tired more or less bsck to normal. My experience of the whole process has been positive,at the breast institute on the ward and at the radiotherapy department. Things have been explained to me and I have been given information at every stage.I have met some really nice people both staff and patients.My husband has also been to some of my appointments and has been treated respectfully.Although no one would ever want to be in this position Nottingham is a good place to be if you are.

" D I T T O "…its a lovely place.

Hi all,

I had my lumpectomy and SNB on the 7th March and overall it was not as bad as I expected. I was well treated at the City Hospital (Nottingham Breast Institute). I am now 10 days post op. I am very bruised and battered (normal?), a bit sore, but overall I am good. I found the staff at the hospital very nice and they put me at ease all of the way. If there is anyone else from the Nottingham area, please get in touch.

Chris x

Glad to know that you’ve had the op and are recovering - good luck. My experience of treatment for my secondary breast cancer has been very good apart from less than sensitive treatment by a couple of young registrars so I now ask to see a consultant when I have an outpatients appointment. Nursing staff have been brilliant!

Forgot to add that we are fortunate that Nottingham is having a Maggies Centre built just outside the Breast Institute - this sort of informal, complementary approach is just what the hospital needs to support all cancer patients. It’s a credit to all the fundraisers that the money has been found for this charitable project.

are any of you going to the Look Good Feel Better at the hospital on Tuesday?

Elizadolittle, which surgeon did your op please? and are you happy with it?


visiting breast unit at city hospital monthly for Faslodex injections following discovery of secondries 6 years after original diagnosis, don’t know if it’s working until I have my next scan, hoping that I don’t need chemo yet, Have found Doctors and nurses alot friendlier this time and all have time to answer even the silliest questions I have. Would be nice to chat to people in the same area

Sorry not been on for a while, this reply is probably too late, i had a consultant who was excellent and i am really pleased with the new breast , i am having reduction when i have finished all my treatment, one more chemo to go, then rads, so a long way to go before i have 2 equal breasts.

Just “found” your posting 15 Mags - have been to the City today as have secondaries too and am now on Capecitamine tablets as chemo. Do PM me and we can link up

Hi everyone,

I don’t know if any of you are still likely to read this topic as the messages are a few months old, but I thought it was wortha go. It’s nice to see there are a few people on this site who also attend Nottingham City Hospital. I was diagnosed last October, so coming up to a year now since I found the tumour. The Breast Institute is excellent. I feel in very safe hands there. And I can’t wait for the new Maggie’s Centre to open! It’ll be before Christmas this year I’m told. They are already working on the interior.

Does anyone go to the Breast Cancer Support Group that’s held in the BI on the 3rd Tuesday of each month? I’ve been a few times and hope to go to the next one. It’d be nice to get to know a few more women there, especially any of my sort of age. I’m 39 years old.

Hi Little Meg

Im not your sort of age, a lot older actually, live in Nottingham and was diagnosed this February. Had lumpectomy and rads. Finished the rads at the end of June. I am also looking forward to the maggies centre opening, have seen it being finished as walk by sometimes. I live only 10 minutes walk from the breast centre. I am from the south, we moved up here 4 years ago. I was the first lady to post this post and a few people came forward but not many. I had a good experience at the city hospital and breast centre, they were very kind. Still feel tired from the radiotherapy, but it is getting better all the time. Do you live far from the hospital? chris x

My wife is under the NBI. I asked if she wanted to go to the support group, but being in her early 30s she’s been reluctant as she feels she’ll be isolated. I did speak to one of the organisers and she told me it’s also open to family/carers…but I felt like it wouldn’t be appropriate if my wife didn’t want to attend. Her mother did say that she might attend with me.

Does anyone know how many people attend and what the make-up of the group is in terms of age/patients/carers/OHs?

Hi Brook Top,

I’ve sent you a personal message regarding this query.

I have been to City to have my CT scan and tats done ready for RADS I was dreading going thought it would be a huge place, what a nice surprise, very easy journey there and a nice hossie.

After my appointments I went to see the new Maggie’s Centre what a lovely place, had a coffee and biscuit there because I was a bit wobbly after tats etc it was the first time I have been able to talk to people face to face about bc. It was so good to listen to other peoples experiences and for once I didn’t have to put a brave face on like I have to for the family/friends.
My Treatment starts 7th December I will definitely be popping to Maggie’s again for a little bit of calm, the classes look good too. So today wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be :slight_smile: does anyone else feel like they are on an emotional rollercoaster?? well I just want to get off please!