anybody recently diagnosed with recurrence

Wondering if anyone has been recently diagnosed with a recurrence, I was dx widespread dcis 2006, mx and immediate re con, then jan 6th dx grade bc in same breast, had WLE just waiting for to see onc and chemo date,then rads, then hericeptin, prob tamoxifen.
Very nervous!

Hi sailingmungo

I was diagnosed with a recurrence in Oct 10 (original dx June 09) I’m presently half way through chemo, I’m triple negative but would be happy to offer any information if you want to pm me.


Hi, Im sorry that i cant help you cause im not in the same situation but i do have a question for you. How did you find the recurrence? I had widespread dcis with mx and imm recon and was told that the chance of it coming back in the same breast was very very small, but its something that im really worried about especially as there are no tests in place to check!


Hi sailingmungo

Sorry to hear it’s back for you too. I was diagnosed with a recurrence June 2010 after 5.5yrs with NED. It’s absolutely horrible to have it back.

I finished chemotherapy just over 4 weeks ago, started rads last week, along with tamoxifen.

All very frightening but it’s good to have treatment well underway. Keep in touch. xxx Jane

Thanks for your kind words and offers of support Poppet and Jane,
Deed I think it is very rare for it to come back after dcis in the recon all the best Sue x
Sorry for very late reply but my eldery parents have been ill I am their main carer, my father in law in hospital and my 10 year has had tonsilitus! no time for me to be ill!!!

Interesting to hear of DCIS and then BC in your recon. What type of recon did you have? It seems odd that then can do a WLE on a recon? Fortunately very rare but very sad for those it happens to.
Best wishes