Anybody thought of donating hair?

Hi everybody,

Not really sure where to post this but as there are so many topics in this section dealing with hair issues thought this might be okay.

Like many of you undergoing chemotherapy I am more or less bald at the moment, having shaved off my hair when it just started to really get on my nerves after my 2nd FEC! Now just waiting to have third of my 3 Taxoteres and I’ll be finished, at least with chemo! Losing our hair is an emotional and horrible business but perhaps the following can help some of us to get some good out of our own situation, although Im aware that it wont appeal to everyone.

Just recently I heard of an organisation called locks of love, which has a website This is a US charity who receive donations of hair which they then use to make wigs/hairpieces for disadvantaged children. Most of these children have alopecia which may be permanent, so whilst baldness is a temporary thing for us, it can be a lifelong problem for them. Other children who benefit are children going through the same as many of us i.e. chemotherapy for cancer. These children do not come from families who can afford to just go out and buy wigs and as you know they dont have the benefits of our NHS.

Anyway, as I had quite long thick hair this is something which I would have seriously considered doing with my hair which, as it happened, just ended up in the bin! Perhaps some of you who are still holding on to your hair and wondering when to cut it might find this a worthwhile consideration, at least your beautiful hair wont go to waste!

Pauline x


I too had long thick hair and I knew that it would definitely fall out so I got my niece to tie it as high as she could and cut it off as close to the scalp as possible, it actually left me with quite a nice temporary hair style, and it gave me a decent length to send off to Locks of Love, it wasn’t as traumatic as I thought it might be and before long I was shaving the rest off, couldn’t stand finding my hair everywhere! More importantly it gave me some control over my situation and I didn’t have to watch it all go down the plug hole.



That’s fantastic, I just wish I’d heard of them before I cut my hair off! By the time I knew my hair was already cut short ready for the big fall-out!

I think that feeling in control is really important, as soon as i feel that Im not is when I start to feel really negative and down, hence why I hate having scans and tests so much, I cant control my body or the outcome.

Hopefully, other people might be able to get the same satisfaction that you’ve had of knowing that your hair hasnt gone to waste but is being enjoyed by somebody else.

Pauline x