anyone a wife/partner /relative of male diagnosed with breast cancer

Hi I would love to hear from anyone to compare experiences

Hi Wendys

I’m not able to help you but there are quite a few men that use this site and have BC.
I suggest that you post it under the Men diagnosed with BC section.
I hope you get some responses soon.


My husband’s male cousin aged 70 was diagnosed with BC last year - had total mastectomy and now on Tamoxifen. He seems fine and has regular check ups. Gets some indigestion but is rather overweight and loves his food. Also gets a few hot flushes but otherwise lives a good life and plays golf, gardens and enjoys his grndchildren plus travels the world. Very encouraging. The BC came totally out of the blue - no family history.

Hi, Thanks for replies. My husband was 44, fit and active when diagnosed last August. He has had a mastectomy, has 1 more chemo left and will soon have radiotherapy. Again no family history. After treatment finishes he will have further scans.
Hope to hear more,