anyone about to finish chemo and moving on to surgery?

I have just had dose 8 of chemo and will be looking at surgery in the next 4-6 weeks.

If there is anyone out there in a similar position and wants to join me on the journey pleasse let me know. I haven’t really looked beyong chemo for the last six months but know there could be a number of things to think about in the next few weeks and these forums are great for talking things through with like minded people.


Hi Julie - I’ve had 6 chemo, 7th is tomorrow! then one more , then expecting surgery mid August. I’ve asked my onc and BCN a bit about the surgery, but saving most of my questions for the surgeon, when I get the appt. It would be good to join you in the journey.

best Wishes Clare

thanks Claire.

I’ll watch this space. Spoke to BCN today who says I will have to have MRI scan (down for 13th July) and then the team will meet to discus options. Still looking at begining of August.

good luck with the rest of your chemo.


Hi Ladies

I’ve got one more chemo to go on 9th July, just coming out of the fog for the 5th one last Thurs! Got appt. on 29th July to see surgeon and hopefully ct scan same day. I’m more than likely to have a full mx and node clearance. Am hoping for middle of August. Either of you ladies asking for a recon?

Feeling a bit frustrated as we all do at times, wondering if I’ll ever be normal again. Although I know I’m luckier than a lot, my hair is coming back already and side effects arn’t too bad.

I’m in Cornwall by the way.


Hi everyone…:smiley:

I’m alot further along the same journey… I had my chemo last summer and my mastectomy last November…

I know what you mean about not looking ahead whilst you are on chemo - i was exactly the same… It was when i got to the end i did things like looking to see what a masectomy looked like etc…


Hi All,

Didn’t expect to be joining you so soon,but I saw my oncologist this morning and she said Thursday would be my last chemo(no.7 of 8 planned),and I’m seeing the consultant tomorrow to discuss surgery.
I’m in abit of a state of shock as was fully expecting to do all 8 cycles,but I’m really happy that it’ll be over sooner.
Will spend all night wondering what questions I should be asking the consultant.
I’ll let you know when I get a date for surgery.

All the best,

Helen xx

Hi everyone,

just got my date to see the surgeon (22nd July) so will be in a lot better postion to know what is going on when I see him. Not sure what questions I will need to ask and what I should be asking him about, so if any one has any ideas I’d welcome them.
Not sure if I will still have to have a mx (i know the lump has shrunk dramatically) so not sure about recon. I want to be guided by my surgeon but still want to be reasonably informed before I speak to him.

Once I get over this last lot of chemo, which is driving me insane at the moment, I will start turning my mind to surgery and what I need answering.

Good to see a few of you along for the ride. Helen well done for avoiding another chemo…how did you get on with the consultant?.

Julie xxx

Arrrghhhh! Just lost my post! I’ll start again…

Got date for my op Jul 14th,after weeks focusing on getting through chemo it’s suddenly here.Saw surgeon Wed,then when he realised he’d be away on the date I had to see another surgeon last Friday.
The tumour has shrunk to 1cm so I’m having a lumpectomy ,have to have a guide wire inserted first and was told that depending on where the wire was put would determine where the scarring would be.
Anything from around the nipple,in the crease under the breast or a vertical line,I’m not too happy about how vague it all is,I want to know what I can expect my boob to look like,how much smaller than the other one will it be etc. Surgeon is ok but can’t help feeling that it’s just another day’s work whilst it’s MY BODY!!!
It’s not so much the op that’s playing on my mind more the outcome,sorry if I sound vain but that’s how I feel.Trying to get my head around all these physical changes,

Julie,let me know how you get on,

Love Helen xx

Hi Helen,

hope it all goes well for you next week. I am still waiting for a date but had an ultrasound yesterday…the doctor couldn’t find the lump which bodes well. She mentioned in passing about the wire so I am assuming that means I will get away with a lumpectomy as well but not getting my hopes up just yet. Got an MRI on 13th which will also reveal more.

Not thinking too far ahead yet. Still trying to get over the last dose of chemo, the effects of which seem to have lingered on a lot longer this time for some reason.

Hope you have a few more answers to your questions by now. Don’t worry about being concerned about the physical side of things. This is only natural. I am trying not to think about it at the moment as until I see the surgeon I dont know excatly what I am looking at. It does worry me though, I keep going through my wardrobe and wondering how much I will have to throw out. Not that I am a low cut top person but I have it in my head that I won’t be able to show any cleavage at all. Hair loss was hard enough but at least that is growing back. I do however know quite a few people who have gone through this and they all say you do adjust so I remain postive.

Let me know how you get on…will be thinking of you next week.

Julie xxx

Hi Julie,

Just a quick post as I’m supposed to be getting ready to go away for a few days,only going to Somerset but I’m looking forward to the change of scenery.

Great news with your ultrasound,look after yourself and I’ll post as soon as I can after my surgery to tell you how it went.

Helen xx

ps Think my eyelashes are starting to grow back,not alot happening elsewhere though.

Hi Julie good news from the ultra sound

Helen lots of hugs and thinking about you for your surgery next week.

I saw the surgeon yesterday, will be having a mastectomy on 14th August. The chemo has not reduced the lump as much as they it might and as it is attached to the body wall they have to remove some muscle. Got my last chemo next Tuesday.

Love Clare


good luck with the last chemo. Quite a milestone!

At least you now what you are having.Have they fully explained what it all entails?


Good to hear things are moving on for you…I’ve been wondering how you were.

Sounds really positive, if the lump has shrunk so much, they need to use a guidewire, I have fingers, and everything else I can physically
cross, firmly crossd for you!!

All previous offers of lifts, shopping - whatever! -still hold true!

Take care
Lizzie XX

Hi everyone -

Sorry Fudge, just spotted your post - looks like we are having similar surgery at same time. I’m scheduled for mastectomy with full node clearance on 14th August. Hope you are recovering OK from your latest chemo. My last chemo will be next Tuseday.

Clare X

Hi All

Just coming out of my 6th and final chemo fog! Spent most of the day in bed yesterday, hate this stage, hopefully no more, move on! Onc. told me that tumor has shrunk again!! As mine is IBC then mastectomy it is!

I’ve appt for ct scan on 29th July at Penzance at 9.30am and then of to Truro approx. 25miles away for appt. with onc to discuss scan at 2.05pm and finally see the surgeon at 2.20pm so hopefully will have the date for op. I’ve been told it could be the following week, be great, not too much time to think! Ops going to be in a small hosp. nearby.

I’m of for a day out with some friends on the 24th- a days retail therapy!! Two of them have already been on this journey and the other has just recovered from a big operation on her stomach! I’m going to buy my new underwear etc.

Raining here in so called sunny Cornwall!!! Where are you RhodaBee?
Good luck with your last chemo on Thurs.


Good evening all,

Hi Fudge I’m in Lancashire north of manchester and can see part of the Pennine way from our bedroom windows. We normally get lots of rain, but this year we seem to have been between different weather fronts and it’s been quite nice really. I know what you mean about the chemo fog, it seems never ending. Hope you feel better soon,

My last chemo is tomorrow - need to buy some bananas tomorrow morning, I seem to be able to eat those when I can’t face anything else.

Love Clare

good to hear from you again Lizzie…MRI at HRI today. Same verdict from Prof Turnbull, she couldn’t find it either. They had real trouble finding a decent vein to go into re the tracer fluid. Again down to the chemo, amazing what it does to you but at least it should all be worth it.

Good luck with the last chemo Clare.

Feeling a bit down today for some reason. Considering I had good news at the MRI scan you’d think I’d be on top of the world. Just a bit frustrated at how the chemo has taken its toll, my hair is growing back but still a long way to go, I still ache, I still can’t do too much and I’m missing my eldest daughter who is on a school trip. Temporary blip I hope…probably be fine by tomorrow.


Morning All. Good vibes to you Julie, It does all get a bit up and down emotionally. Hope the last of the side effects go away soon.

Love Clare

Hi Julie,

Well it’s already a week since my op,I was booked in nice and early so very little waiting around.The wire insertion wasn’t a problem but I came over all faint whilst having the mammogram and had to lie down for abit,didn’t hurt though as I’d had a local before they put the wire in.

Luckily they used my PICC for the anaesthetic & the drip so no hunt the vein & I popped up to the chemo unit afterwards & they took my PICC out,good to get my arm back.
Boob looks same at mo,yellow bruising and feels abit hard in the area where the tumour was but I’ve had only discomfort rather than pain.Feels more comfortable wearing a bra,you don’t want any bounce!

I’m at Queen Mary’s,Roehampton tomorrow to have stitches removed & get results of the margins.I can’t really see what the surgeon’s done to it yet cos of the dressing,not particularly looking forward to seeing it.

Felt abit emotional this week & abit tired,don’t know if it’s result of the op or still SEs from chemo.

Let me know when you’ve a date for your op…just had phone call from bcn…results not back yet,appointment now at Kingston,Friday afternoon.

Clare,well done for finishing chemo,hope you’re able to relax and get your strength back in the next few weeks before your op.

Love Helen xx

Hi Little H, good to hear you are out of surgery and doing OK. Thinking of you when you have your appt with the onc.