Anyone about to have a mx?

I’m booked for bilateral mx 8 March, if anyone else is due around then would you like to keep in touch and hold hands? I’d be glad of the support, a bit nervous especially about how I’ll feel about it after it’s actually been done. Lynne

G’day Lynne,

I believe we met on another thread? I got turned down for the double mastectomy, but I will still be having a mastectomy sometime in the next week and a half (don’t have any dates yet). I have had my chemo first and so my operation is time sensitive and needs to be done soon.

I would love to stay in touch through all this. I have found that finding this web site has really helped me since my diagnosis back in September.

I am down in West Sussex, in a place called Bognor Regis. I am 43 with a couple of primary school aged boys.

I have started to buy a few things for hospital and think about what I will need. What about you?

Yours sincerely,

Lone x

Hi All,
I’d like to join too please.
I’ve just finished chemo ( FECT) and will be having a mx and clearance later this month. I am having a temporary reconstruction then a tram flap in the distant future. This thread is really helpful.
Have just PMd you Kulakatz

Hi Lone and Sue, I’d love to be in touch through it all. I’m lucky and I haven’t had any treatment except for WLE, hope you’re both doing well with it.
I live in Devon on the edge of Dartmoor, am 49 with no kids (but I have a cuddly dog). I remember you Lone, I’m sorry you didn’t get your double.
So far, I’ve managed to find some front button pyjamas (M&S) and that’s it! I’m feeling nervous off and on, and really want it to be over now. I just don’t know how I’ll feel when I see what’s been done, I’m trying to get myself prepared. One step at a time I guess! How are you both feeling at the moment?
Love, Lynne x

Hi everyone - Can I join in? Just waiting to hear when my op is for a mx. Should be in the next week and a half as when I was diagnosed 10 days ago my doc told me he would need to do within 3 weeks! I’m not having my chemo until after the op as it is too big and trying to make it smaller won’t really make a lot of difference.Just like you I’m anxious to just get on with it but scared about what I’m going to be left with.
Just bought a lovely cosy new dressing gown and a couple of soft bras from M&S,they are nothing like I normally buy but needs must.Its nice to talk to people at the same stage.
I live in Kent, am married (2nd time) and have 2 girls, both over 18.Oh, and we have 2 adorable dogs.
Claire x

Hi ladies
I’m due to have a mx in the next few weeks. Should find out dates when I see the surgeon on Wednesday. I’m hoping to have immediate reconstruction too. I’m quite nervous about the result but needs must.
I’m 48 and I live in Bristol with my 15 year old son and my dog. I have had my chemo up front and have had a WLE & node clearance and a re-excision but as cancer cells are still present they are going for the mx and I will have 4 more lots of chemo after as well. It never rains but it pours in my world lately!
Would love to do some virtual hand holding with others facing the same thing.

Hi All,
Welcome Debs and Claire,
My mum bought me some button up PJs for hospital; they are very pretty but the bottoms are on the baggy side! I have visions of them falling down on a walkabout- not a good look as I’m just post chemo!
M&S were very helpful and I got some soft crop top type bras. The assistant told me to get a large ( I’m a 36B/C) because of swelling.
Chemo first for me was due to tumour size and node involvement. I’ve known all along that the boob has had to go but now chemo is over the reality is sinking in!
I’m on the lookout for a pretty drain bag!

Hi ladies

Just wanted to say, my thoughts are with you all. I also live in Kent (had my mx and immediate recon at Kent & Sussex) in November and am currently 3/4 way through chemo at Maidstone. It’s been a very worrying time, obviously, and I can’t believe that already I’ve been through so much and am still the same old me! Very good luck to you all.

Along with the usual stuff - I’ve listed a few items which I was really glad I took into hospital with me.

  • new/comfy button down the front pajamas
  • dressing gown
  • easy-slip-on slippers
  • facial wipes
  • favourite bath/shower gel
  • sweets
  • perfume (as I couldn’t use deodrant!)

Get friends to bring in food/magazines - hospital food was TERRIBLE

Am sure lots of people at the same stage of you will be along soon.


Hi Claire and Debs, lovely to hear from you too. And thanks for the list and the wishes Rachel.

Is anyone else feeling ‘unreal’ at the moment? I sometimes feel as though everything’s normal for ages and then suddenly I think uh oh. I’m trying to do stuff to keep remembering what’s about to happen so I’m as prepared as I can be. My bcn said to look around for prosthetics in slow time to get an idea of what’s out there, so I did some surfing…then I found some with milk glands which confused me slightly till I saw the massive cleavage top and realised I was looking at a tranny site! Milk anyone?! It’s a minefield out there…

I’m hoping I’ll still be able to laugh after the op…
Lynne x

Hi - just to wish you all ‘successful’ ops and speedy recoveries. I had bilateral Mx (no recon) a year ago and I am now feeling pretty good. Just give yourselves time to adjust to the huge change to your bodies, be very kind to yourselves and have patience that one day you will feel better about it all - it takes time (maybe a year? maybe more?) but it does improve.
Lots of hugs,

Best wishes from another double mx survivor (no recon) - 3 months ago. I hope you are all as lucky as I was with no post op complications. The thought of it all was definitely worse than the actuality. Take all the help you are offered in your recovery period and allow yourselves to miss what you have lost. It is still early days for me but I now feel so well and relieved that the biggest worries are behind me.

I will follow your progress with interest.
Rose x

Thanks Rose and Meggy and for the list Rachel. I’m still waiting for news on a date for the op and pre op assessment! They sent me a plastics appointment but it was after schoool run and my boy only started in Jan; don’t know other mums well enough to ask someone to have him for a few hours. Would like to have a date set so I can plan who will be around when I’m in hospital and out the other side!
I did like your post re trannies Lynne- it made me laugh.

Hi All,
Can I join you? Have my mx booked for the 10th March. Full node clearance too.

I am 41yrs old, 3 kids, from 15- 6 years old. I have shopped for a few bras and some vest tops. Marks does seem very good, managed to get most things from there, decent nightwear etc - I didn’t seem to have anything other than greying maternity nighties, and the odd lacy number! Neither seemed appropriate. Also realized how ghastly my slippers were, so got some new ones. It all seems a bit unreal still, but occasionally, I get a bit wobbly about it. I am very worried about how I will feel afterwards, and how my partner will feel. I am planning to have recon, but that will be after my radiotherapy, and once I have had a chance to heal.

Would love some hand holding - although I think this site will be down on the 7th for a rew days…?

G’day everyone,

Wow it seems so surreal that so many of us are about to undergo the chop this month! Am so pleased we can all do this together as I feel a bit unsupported on the home front with all my family back in Australia and a OH who doesn’t like to talk about it.

Like some of you, I am waiting for dates for the op and pre-op assessment. I did have a call today which said it could be Tues, Wed or Thurs next week but they will need to confirm with me. (Well that narrows it down a bit hey?).

I have also heard that this site will be shut down for a few days next week. I am happy to p.m. anyone and pass on my mobile for texting if anyone is interested?

Thanks to you lovely ladies for the info on what to take and expect after too.

It does feel weird to think that next week ‘it will all be done’! I find myself thinking of funny little things like: OMG what if I snore and keep the ward awake ?.. or worse fart really loudly in my sleep! he he. Or What happens when I roll over in bed and my right breast goes kerplunk! as there is no left breast underneath it to lean on? and I hope I get one of those electric beds that you push the button and you go up and down. But that is just me, and I have been told that I am a nutter. What silly (or serious)stuff is going through your head?

Lynne: you did make me laugh too re: trannies etc

Lotsa love, Lone xx

It’s fab there are a few of us (or not fab really, but you know what I mean). And it’s really kind of you mx survivors to post positive messages, thank you.
I hadn’t realised the site would be down next week, that’s a bummer. I’d be happy to be in text touch with anyone who’d like to.
I know what you mean about worrying Lone! Nobody got any sleep when my mum had her surgery in dec because there was a 97 year old with dementia that they couldn’t find a bed for anywhere else, so she went to the specialist breast surgery unit and wandered up and down with her squeaky frame all night, popping her head round all the bed curtains and scaring everyone half to death. They felt really sorry for her too, because she didn’t know where she was, bless her. I’ve been told I’ll be in for 2-3 nights, I’m hoping for 2!
I think I’m going to go flat chested post op, as I won’t have a single boob to worry about (so no slapping noises Lone!). Maybe I won’t be brave enough, so I’ll get a cami top in case. I’m not intending to have recon at all, but I’m being left with a little skin in case I change my mind. The surgeon has promised not to leave any flappy bits though!

Does anyone else use Facebook. If you do pm me and I’ll confirm my full name. Add me as a friend and we can keep in touch on there. Its a bit more personal and instant than on here.

Hi All,
Lovely to see you on here also Tracey; I hope all goes well. Is your op next week? Hand holding definitely the order of the day- Are you all recovered from chemo?
Still waiting on a date for mine, BCN didn’t ring me back today which is unlike her. I hope to get some news tomorrow. Will chase up tomorrow! I’m having an immediate reconstruction and I have read that this will mean a longer op and longer stay in hospital. They offered me a pig skin graft. Not quite sure how this works but though one can’t make a silk purse out of one, apparently you can make a boob out of a sow’s ear- I’m looking forward to seeing some reassuring post op photos
Facebook is a great idea, especially as the site will be down next week. I will look for you Debs.

Hi Debs, Good idea! There are several Debra’s on there, can you paste your url? I’ll let you have mine if you PM me
And hello Tracey, the more the merrier xx

my facebook profile has the same pic as on here. PM me and I’ll let you have the link.

Sue- Wow, pig skin graft, I did not know they could do that. Recovering from the chemo thanks. I’ve had quite a good week. Justblooking forward to getting this out of my system, and my hair coming back. How are your eyebrows doing??

FB sounds like a good idea, although I have to admit to being a bit clueless on it. I only set up mine up to play Scabulous with a friend in New Zealand!!

Ps although not a bad idea for passing the time in hospital…