Anyone an expert in VAT?

This is more a matter of principle. I know that we are entitled to buy post-surgery/mastectomy bras free from VAT. What I’ve discovered is that suppliers like Amazon (and their sellers through Amazon Marketplace) charge VAT on their products. Amazon has informed me they are complying with EU regulations (yes, blame the EU) but it seems a con to me. I have just purchased 2 Amoena bras that weren’t available on the Amoena website - that’s £10+ in VAT, which could make a huge difference to some people.


Does anyone know the facts? is a bit vague.

 I buy my bras from either M& S or a specialist lingerie shop for the pretty stuff and they both give me vat off at the till. The shops then do the vat bit. Amazon sounds naughty to me! I’m afraid I would vote with my feet, or with my credit card. Don’t use them. Bad enough without being taken for a ride. X