Anyone at Jimmys in Leeds?

Hello everyone.

I will be having rads in a couple of months at the new centre at St James’ hospital in Leeds. Has anyone on the site been there? The new rads bit only opened just after Christmas. Was just wondering what it is like, I have had a look at the website


Hi Louise

I have just started RADs at Jimmys yesterday!! It is all very new there and the staff are really nice.

Only problem I have had over the last few days is they seem to run late on appointments, but best not grumble.!!

The car park is free for RADs patients and they do nice toastie sandwiches!!

Good luck
Kay x

Oh thank you for the info Kay.

Couple of questions: do you get an “allocated” parking place and also what do they do about gowns, do you wear a front fastening one etc? or do you get one and take it home?

Good luck with your rads, I do think that we are lucky to be near such a modern facility and I will look forward to the toasties!!

Louise x

Hi Louise

You just go into visitors multi storey parking and on your way out give your ticket to the man at the barrier and tell him you have had radiotherapy and they let you escape!!!

No worries about gowns you get a clean one everyday and I find it easier to have opening at the back so when you get on bed you dont have to take it completely off.

I have had 3rd one today and had to wait ages before I went in. They did say this does not happen all the time as they have had to slot in patients who are in hospital. Trying not to moan but it does make it a long day. Have you far to travel? It takes about an hour from home for me!!

Best Wishes

Kay x

Hello again Kay

Yes that would drive me mad too, all that waiting. I am planning to have a different “companion” with me each day to entertain me, lol. I live in Harrogate so I would allow an hour altogether to get there too if in a car. On some days I will go on the bus which will take even longer, I am intending to be off sick for the whole block of treatment as I won’t physically be able to get to work because of the travelling time.

I am having 15 sessions, are you? I am in the middle of my chemo at the moment, 3 down, 3 to go so it will be a while till I go for rads but I am looking ahead (that way I can believe that the chemo WILL end!)

Take care, I know it must be tiring

Louise x

Hi Louise
I was lucky not to have chemo as my dx was grade 1 and no lymph node involvement. My hubby has taken me this week but I have booked transport for next week to give him some BC time off!!!

I am having 20 sessions 4 down 16 to go.

Might do me good to stop worrying about the waiting times if hubby is at work. I will take my time and have a toastie and a coffee!!!

Keep in touch
Best Wishes
Kay x

Hi Louise and Kay

I’m also at Jimmys. Had 6 out of 20 so far. It’s not too bad and certainly not half as bad as the chemo so I count my blessings! The worst thing about it is the waiting but once you’re in, it’s only about ten minutes if that and you’re out again. It’s all rather impersonal but at least it’s over with quickly. All in all, I’m finding it extremely do-able (in comparison to chemo) and touch wood, so far, am having no side effects either. And yes that coffee bar is quite nice too, at least we’re in the new bit of the hospital (although i heard lots of complaints about it being too clinical and cold but I quite like it). Good luck to you both… heres to them been over with very soon, Carrie

Hi Carrie and Kay

Good luck to you both with your rads, hope both of you find your skin is Ok with it all. I wonder why you are both having 20 and I am having 15? My dx was IDC Grade 3 but no lymph node involvement.What is your dx Carrie?

I am glad it will be easier than chemo, I am dreading the next one on Tuesday, at least I am halfway through now.

Are you quite near to the hosp Carrie? Kay, you could recruit some friends to go with you if your husband is at work. I am going to have my husband come to the planning appt and then maybe my last couple of treatments but in between use it as a chance to catch up with various mates. hehe can you tell…I just can’t wait to finish chemo!

Louise x

Hi Louise

I was told the reason I needed 20 instead of 15 was because I was under 40… thing is I turn 40 next week but they still wouldn’t let me just have the 15. I was dx’d last September, grade 2, 1 lymph node, and her2+ so I’ve got herceptin after rads for a year and am also having my ovaries removed and will then be on arimidex. which consultant do you see, I have absolute faith in Dr Perren, he is fantastic, just wish i didn’t have to meet with him so regularly! Good luck with finishing chemo - you will get there Louise - which chemo are you having? I had 6 EC’s. I was so relieved to be through it as I had awful trouble being cannulated and my veins were so sore. i used to cry whilst having chemo it was that bad. But… the good news is, it goes fast and before you know it you will be through it and the relief is that radiotherapy is not one bit as bad as chemo so at least you’ll have the worst over with. Wishing you all the luck in the world, Carrie x

Ah thanks Carrie, that makes sense. I am nearly 48. I am having 6 ECs like you. I agree the time is going fast (thank heavens!!!) I see a consultant at Harrogate, and have chemo there, I will just go through to Leeds for the rads. Then it will be Tamoxifen.

Gosh your treatment sounds a long haul, brill that they now have the Herceptin to give you and you are doing everything possible to deal with this. Here’s hoping that the rads will continue to go well for you, fingers crossed,

Take care

Louise x