Anyone Been Offered Gabapentin?

I was in the process of contact my Oncologist to see if I could get prescribed Clonidine for hot flushes following my recent oopherectomy, when I decided to do a bit or research…

I have found that there is a study that proves Gabapentin as being as effective as HRT is reducing hot flushes in those that have had/have breast cancer, without the obvious risks.

Just wondering if anyone else had any experience of this drug?

Hi Pheebster,

I had Gabapentin prescribed as a painkiller to cope with the nerve pain I had with my first cycle of Taxotere. It is usually prescribed to people with epilepsy to help reduce seizures. It has some very scary side effects of it’s own and in the end I preferred to live with the pain than cope with the acute drowsiness and strange feelings it gave me. It is made by Pfizer and you can find out about the possible side effects on their website. I’ve never heard of it being associated with reducing hot flushes though.


Only heard of Gabapentin for pain relief - JaneRA has been using it recently.

A number of antidepressants help with hot flushes, Effexor, ProBanthine to name but two and they won’t have the weird side effects that Gabapentin seems to have.

I find Clonidine to be helpful so take that about 4 times a day from lunchtime onwards.


Thanks ladies. I work in a surgery and throughout my time there I have never known it to be given for flushes - which is why I wanted to ask you all on here. It was a study carried out at Rochester Uni.

Clonidine has its’ own se’s…it seems all meds do when it comes to the nitty gritty.

It makes me think I should just get on with it and deal with the flushes and hope that when the hot weather passes they will reduce again.

What do you think?

When I was offered gabapentin for nerve pain the BCN said an aditional benefit was that it would stop the hot flushes. After reading the side effects I didn’t take it so can’t comment