anyone been to Coventry Breast clinic

Hi just wondering if anyone that has been to coventry breast clinic knows how long i will wait to find out what my results are.
if it’s not bc will i be told there & then? I take it if seems it might be bc then i might have to wait but i’m worried now that i might not find out on the day.

Hi twinmum,
Cant help im afraid with Coventry breast clinic as i live in Cornwall, do you know if yours is a one stop clinc ? if it is you will get all the tests done (tripple assessment) and your results the same day. Hopefully someone will be along soon who gos to your clinc so can tell you more.You could give them a ring to find out what will happen at your appointment.Its a horrible time waiting for results i know ,keeping everything crossed for you that you get good news.
All the best

hi twinmum, my clinic was triple assessment on same day, so mammogram, ultrasound and core biopsy on same day, but I have to wait till next week for biopsy results so although done in one day still have to wait!! Good luck to you! x

Hi Twinmum, I was treated at Coventry - the new University hospital Cov & Warwickshire PCT - and I had to wait a week before I got the results. I had mammogram, ultrasound and core biopsy. I had my surgery (mastectomy and reconsturction) and chemotherapy (Arden Cancer Centre) there - and I found all the medics - consultants and nurses - oncology and surgical - to be excellent. I am sure you will be treated just as well.

All the best.



Had a friend at Coventry; had 2 biopsies; 3 lumpectomys, 3 scans, over 3 visits and still no results back or rather nothing ‘conclusive’…

I know my Mum had information (confirmation) v quickly at B’ham Queens…

Has anyone any ideas what might be going on here, clearly she’s worried!..

PS - it’s nice to read positive reviews after this…

I was there this morning!
Has 2 core biopsies last Saturday morning and returned today to be told I have a papilloma requiring a duct excision - soon after Christmas.

I have had fantastic service so far from everyone.

Hi Jane
I was treated at Coventry, and had to wait to see the surgeon, Mr Parker, the next week (he had a clinic on Friday mornings). Mind you if you do have a positive result from the core biopsy, you won’t have to wait long for your treatment to start.
The ward staff (if you have to have surgery) are great and will look after you. The radiographers in the Arden centre are just as great, and will make an awkward situation seem easier.
Good luck with your test results