Anyone been to Northwick Park ?

Hi all,

I’m going to have surgery at Northwick Park by their breast surgeon Robert Reichert – Anyone been here ? Any information or feeback would be very much appreciated.

Hi, sorry I’ve only just seen your message.

Yes, I had a mastectomy there in January. I’m more than a bit hospital-allergic, so I chose to get out, complete with drains, the same day, so I can’t help with what it’s like to stay there. When I got out I had a daily visit from a nurse to check drains etc for 7 days after the op, which was reassuring.
I was diagnosed before Christmas, which messed up the timetable a bit, but I had all the right tests, including a sentinel node biopsy - which isn’t available everywhere. I liked Mr Reichert and he was good about giving me all the information I needed, plus plenty of time to think about reconstruction - which I decided against, as I had a previous bc in the same breast, so I’d had radiotherapy. For what it’s worth, my previous treatment was also at Northwick Park - the medical treatment I’ve had has always been good.

Take care of yourself, and I hope the surgery all goes well and you’re back home soon after, if I can help with anything else just ask