anyone been under the gamma knife for brain mets?

Hi girls, I havnt posted for a while, hope you are all “hangin in there” I had my routine MRI last week, the good news is I still only have I tumor, but its growing again. Already had surgery for big tumor and WBR. This small one went away after rads, but now its back still only 5mm and I still remember my PIN No at the ATM so it cant be that bad! Looking into the Gamma knife to blast it this time, only problem is there doesnt seem to be one here in Australia? may have to fly to some exotic location?

Love to you all. I must tell you about my 5 days at the Petrea King Centre.

Love Suzy

Hi Suzy, if you put Gamma Knife into the BCC (advanced) search option you’ll find quite a few posts.
A couple of friends have had Gamma Knife…with good results…Good Luck…xx

i am interested in this too - my key met here is in phalanges and in skull not brain itself but interfering with optic nerve - very interested in this. would be thinking germany. any info welcome too please

Hi Susie, are you in the UK? if you are this link below might be useful. Gamma knife treatment at Sheffield Hospital. (NHS)
Good Luck…xx

Thanks Belinda for your research, the Sheffield site it v. good. I am seeing my brain surgeon today so I will let you know what she thinks. Its all fun and games isnt it! Hope you are well just now.

Love Suzy

great - didn’t know re place in uk. will see if they have private option also. thanks masses belinda


Hi again Susie…this is (I think) a private hospital in London (Cromwell Hospital) that also offers Gamma knife.


Hi Belinda and Susie,

Thanks again for your info Belinda. I did see my neurosurgeon and she is keen for the gamma knife or the linea accelorator which is in Sydney, we are just doing research into which has the best success rate (as in reoccurance rate). Have to go to Sydney to see another doctor before making the decision. We were in the UK visiting family in June, dont really fancy another trip so soon (as much as I love a cold Christmas, It is such a long flight!) Have no idea how much it would cost either, I gather its over 50,000K us dollars that is. But then again who is going to spend MY money if Im not around - Not the 2nd wife thats for sure! (black humour seeping in again!)

Hope you are both well just now. (I really miss not being able to look up the profiles, its hard remembering everyone’s posts - but I do remember feeling very encouraged by you when I first started sending posts on here a year ago Belinda, do we have kids the same age? mine are 8,13,15,and 17)

Take care both of you

Love Suzy

Hi Suzy, good luck with making your decisions.
I have a daughter in her 20’s so much older than your children, she has a little boy…so I’m a Grandma as well!
I’m in my 40’s and was diagnosed stage 4 from the beginning as my hip fractured due to bone mets just before Christmas 2003. Think the profiles are coming back soon…hope so.
Take Care…waving from the northern hemisphere…xx

Thanks both - looking into both Cromwell and Sheffield - issue is apparently it may not mix well with Doxytaxol
Will speak to own radiologist and private insurance - so much hassle when tired and never had to do this though! Don’t know how to get into the prvate thing…

Hi girls,

Sorry, been a bit busy, went to see Elton John last night, he was wonderful. It was outside under the stars near where I live in Queensland. Apart from that I have an appointment with a Radio neuro surgeon in Sydney in a weeks time. So hopefully that will all go well. Im getting lots of headaches and have weird tinglings in my leg?
I will keep you informed,

take care love suzy