Anyone diagnosed in their 20s?

Hi Ali, mairead & carly,

Welcome to the thread and thanks for keeping us company. But sorry we are all here.

Ali, my boss didn’t believe me either. He’s one of those who thought the doctors have got my test results mixed up with someone else’s and wanted me to get a 2nd opinion. But, since then, he’s been great.

mairead, what a family history you’ve got! Glad you’ve caught it early, thou and yes, hope you can avoid this plague again at all cost.

Carly, hope your chemo goes OK on Fri. Will be thinking about you. My onc never worried about anything even after my dx. When I complain about something, he always says “don’t worry, I’ll deal with it” or “as soon as treatment starts, it’ll be better”. Sometimes, it does help because it puts my mind at ease, but other times, it just felt like he doesn’t understand! Well, he does know what he’s doing and I’ve learnt to trust him. But, still have wobbly moments. Yes, we do need to stand our ground. Just because we’re young, it doesn’t mean we are stupid, ignorant or can be pushed around.

All the “earlier” members in this 20s club, hope you are all doing ok. Take care xx

hello everyone,
i have just returned from the royal marsden london and they were all fantastic! if any of you are in doubt about anything or just want a second opinion its well worth the trip.
my hospital had been great with me until just after my operation when i went to see my oncologist he left the decision of chemo up to me-sorry but this was not something i could do, im not buying a new dress…this was my life hence i went to royal marsden.
they gave me so much more advice, they were kind and most importantly they spoke to you like a human with feelings who is clearly going throu a terrible time, not sure about any of you but my oncologist and team had no understanding, i was just another person, another set of statistics and straight to the point with everything.

superjem how did you get on with your results? where you up to now with everything?

m1yu hope your ok and feeling a bit brighter than last time we spoke
hope to hear from you soon

keep those chins up girls!!!

Hi Everyone,

I was diagnosed in February 2009, a few days after my 28th birthday.

I had a similar problem with the GP who told me I was fine and that I was just a bit paranoid because both my mum and dad (who has sadly now passed away) had cancer. A year later I had an allergic reaction to something which prompted me to mention it to another Dr who refered me to the hospital - 3 days later I was told I had the dreaded Big C! Before the op I was told it was DCIS and a tumour about 2cm but turned out it was nearer 5cm but thankfully it hadnt reached any lymphnodes.

I had a bilateral mx in April 09 with tissue expanders placed for reconstruction. 18weeks of FEC (although I really found this tough so it dragged out for longer than planned) and then 4 weeks of radiotherapy.

Last week I had the tissue expanders replaced with silicone implants (a little gutted with the results - please can you have a look at my post in recon area if you have had implant only recon!)

Anyway it is so nice and yet very gutting to find this forum - I know my treatment has been and gone but I would love to offer you guys any support or help if I can! Now its all over I feel a bit lost and confused so think I need to take something positive out of this experience!

Keep your chins up!

Hi bluesmurf, soooo glad you’ve got what you wanted at Royal Marsden. It makes a lot of difference. We young girls also deserve to be treated with dignity and respect! Had the worst chemo ever and some really unthoughtful and depressing comments from a “friend”. Glad I’ve survived all that and now feel a lot better. The sun is shining here and that always cheers me up. Also going to the zoo tomorrow with 2 of my friends. That’s going to be a treat for an animal lover like me. Yippee, I can’t wait!

Hi missH, welcome to this thread and thanks for the offer of support. Sorry, I couldn’t help with the silicone implants, never had any experience with them. Looked for your post, but couldn’t find it. If you can paste the link here, I can always keep an eye on it and bump it up for you when it needs to. Sorry, that’s all I can offer. But I’m sure some of the young and older ones have had experiences them and would offer help if they can.

Take care and enjoy those good days xx

hi all,
im so angry and upset this morning, the results have come back from my second opinion at royal marsden and it would appear my hospital have given me the wrong diagnosis, what they said was a grade 2 non aggresive cancer is actually a grade 3 aggresive cancer. i feel like ive just been told the news all over again for the first time. thank god i didnt listen to my hospital and i went to get another opinion otherwise where would i be so many years down the line!!!

Hi Bleusmurf
I think it can depend on exactly which cells they test from the biopsies etc - mine was grade 2 from the first biopsies, and then regraded as 3 from the material they took from my op. It can also change from one grade to another over time.
Most younger people are grade 3 (I was, although not young at 45!).I wsa told chemo works better the faster the cells are dividing, so in some ways it cancels out the Grade 3 worry.

I was told that at 34 years old it was normal to be grade 3 as younger people have faster metabolism.

Hi bluesmurf,

So sorry to hear your news. Maybe that’s why chemo was suggested to you in the first place??? As others have said, we young ones have faster metabolism, therefore cells divide faster and it can be a bit tricky to keep it under control, that’s partly why chemo is always suggested to young ones. Also based on what you said before, yours is hormonal sensitive, too. So, we are on the wrong side of “lucky” again, with high hormonal level at a young age. However, because we are young, we can cope with treatment better and it’s easier for us to recover.

Yes, good decision to go to get the 2nd opinion. Now, it’s time to make a decision about the treatment - tamoxifen or chemo. If you are not comfortable with something, always go and get a 2nd opinion. However, sometimes, it can be a bit tricky for them as well to make the right call.

PM me if you want to talk more. Look after yourself before the next stage. Take care xx

Hi All,

I’m new to this but thought I would give it a go. I was diagnosed 2 days ago with Breast cancer that has spread to my lymph nodes (per the biopsy results) I have had the bone scan today to check if it has spread there and am going for a CT scan tomorrow again to make sure it hasn’t gone to my organs (is this the usual procedure??) I am having the op next week to have the lump in my breast removed and to have the lymph nodes cleared. (again is this the usual?) Then I don’t know what will be happening? When do they usually talk through prognosis, treatments etc with you? Will that come after the op? Will it be chemo for sure or does this depend on what they find. I have a small baby (6 months old) are any of you in the same situation - or were you when you were dignosed?? It would be good to get some feedback from you all as to what the usual steps are and what the usual prognosis generally is with breast cancer?? I guess it depends from person to person?? Sorry, so many questions - and that is just for starters!!!

Hi Boydie and welcome to the forums,

I am sure you will receive lots of valuable support and shared experiences from your fellow users very soon. In addition, I have posted the BCC ‘Younger women’ information link which include publications for you to read, there is also a link to our ‘New resource’ pack which contains useful information for anyone newly diagnosed with breast cancer, I hope you find these helpful:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/82/

You are also welcome to call our helpline if you feel it would help to talk things through with someone in confidence, the line is open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000.

Take care

Hi Boydie,

So sorry you have to join us. I remember how I felt 2 days after diagnose, absolute shock!

Unfortunately, with cancer spread to lymph nodes (and assuming you are young as well), chmeo is always offered. And with spreading to lymph nodes, they always do CT scan and bone scan to check that it hasn’t spread further. And treatment plan will depends on those scans results - that was my experience, anyway. I felt I had enough tests at the time of diagnose and really fed up of going into more machines, but was told this is routine once it’s spread to the lymph nodes. I really really hope no further spread. I remember the horror I felt when I was told mine has. But, we’ll help you to get through this difficult time.

Most doctors don’t like talking about prognosis, mine don’t anyway. They are not very reliable and lots of ladies on here have outlived those statistics for years. So, don’t put too much weight on them.

When I was diagnosed, I was told I was too late for an op! I didn’t understand what that meant and thought I was doing to die!!! But, complete misunderstanding, it “just” means it has spread to other organs and I’m stage 4. So, if you are offered op, it is very likely that it hasn’t. But, as I mentioned before, the CT and bone scans are routine as they claimed.

Oh, what a nightmare and worrying timing, you must be so worried about your small baby, too. Thankfully, I don’t have that worry. But I’ve read other women in the similar situation that their baby keep them going and get them through the difficult times. You have to keep fighting for the sake of your baby!

Don’t worry about questions. It shows that you are still thinking. I was too scared to ask any at that time. Any more questions, ask away.

Take care & keep in touch

hi boydie,

sorry to crash on the “in your 20s” thread, at 36 it makes me feel old, even though i too am definitely a youngie in the bc world. Sorry you have found yourself in this position, i was diagnosed in march and had a 2 year old and 4 year old. I just wanted to message you, as i have youn children too. Have you told your health visitor about your diagnosis? If not, then if you have a good one maybe you should as she will be able to access support for you. My 2 year old has glue ear and language delay and i must say that since i opened up to the professionals i have had a lot of support and understanding, with home visits for speech therapy etc.

My children have definitely helped me through, and even on my most down days and feeling shitty from chemo, they have got through the wall i sometimes put up around me, and you can’t help but respond when your little child cries out. But get all the help you can and be kind to yourself. You are at a rubbish stage and i feel for you,

get in touch by pm any time you want,


hi boydie,
so sorry to learn of your diagnosis, isnt it all a load of crap. never in a million years did i see myself on this web site, however everyones been really helpfull and its been good to share views.
how did you get on with your scans?have you had your results?
in answer to your question about the op, yes its normal to take your lymph nodes. my cancer was grade 3 but it hadnt spread to my lymph nodes however they still took the first 2 just to make sure, the lady in the bed across from me at hospital it had spread to her 1st lymph node so they took them all. for me after my op i was told 6 weeks recovery taking it very easy, no driving, lifting of anything, no housework like ironing, hoovering-this bit i didnt mind at all!!! about week 4-5 is when i got my results and met my oncologist this is when he went throu everything with me and told me about what further treatment was needed. its not always chemo for sure and yes it will depend what they find. at first i wasnt to have chemo, my hospital had diagnosed me with a grade 2 slow growing tumor so they felt chemo wasnt necessary, however i wasnt happy with my hospital so i went for a second opinion to royal marsden-london and thank god i did. they diagnosed me with a grade 3 fast growing tumor and chemo is now needed.
i hope some of this has been a bit of help to you.
its all so crap at the moment with a huge road to recovery, but i do believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel and at some point we all get there- i havent yet-but i will!

In my 30’s, but it still came as a complete shock. Just got my dram job as a deputy and only been married 18months.
Found the lump on Easter Saturday.
Had the biopsy and unltra scan which picked up another smaller lump. My NHS team have been good. I take a list of questions and they have gone through all my queries.
I had a full mastectomy on May18th and SN biopsy. Only 2 nodes were infected so I start chemo in a couple of weeks. First talk on Thursday.

I’m struggling with knowing what’s normal, how to react to my own image and how to deal with the swelling is wearing me out.
Everone keeps telling me how strong I am but that’s not how I feel.

Support from other younger women would be appreaciated

hi peckybeak

i had lumpectomy and snb in march, was 17mm grade 3, lymph node came back clear. I have had first 2 fec, then have 3 tax, then radiotherapy. It is so very hard getting through the treatment and adjusting to this. I am 36 and mum of 2 young boys and this is totally out of the blue. I am just trying best to function really and enjpy days i feel well. I worry a lot, and its shit really, but hoping i will get there. I feel for you,


Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer end of March 2010.

I’m 30, I have 2 kids (9&5) and I have had WLE and my lymph nodes were clear.

I’m Triple Negative, which is scaring me…but like everyone says ‘stay positive’, which makes me say ‘argghhhh!!!’

I had my first chemo last week and am having 6 x EC, then onto Radiotherapy.

It’s just not fair is it.
Emma xxx

Hi Emma,

I also got diagnosed at the end of march and had my first chemo session last week. How did yours go? I have to have a PICC line because my veins are rubbish! I just want to scream and shout all the time now! I feel sorry for my boyfriend.

Hope you’re doing okay!

Amy x x x

Hi Amy,

I’ve been lots better than I thought I was going to be…not been sick once, how about you?
I’m just soooo tired, which makes me want to snap at my fella too (bless them eh!), I’m more mad with myself for being tired all the time…

How is your hair holding on? my scalp feels funny now, unless I’m just waiting for something to happen?

Hope you’re ok!

Emma xx

Hi Emma,

I’ve been feeling a bit sick today, but I’ve not actually been sick yet(I’ve got my fingers crossed that it won’t happen). I know what you mean about being tired. My body feels heavy most of the time!

My hair seems okay…just so scared how I’ll react when it falls out! I managed to sort a wig out yesterday and wore it around Meadowhall, but I felt very self conscious and it made me feel so hot. Are you having the cool cap?

Amy x x x

Hi Amy,

I know what you mean about your body feeling heavy most of the time, mines the same, especially my legs!

I had a few hairs on my pillow this morning :frowning: and my scalp is really tender. I havent used the cold cap have you? Is your wig the same as your normal hair or have you gone for something different?
We’re goin to the beach today, It will be a nightmare taking the kids to the beach with a wig on, I think I will melt!
Emma xx