Anyone driving with Brain Mets?


I am just wondering if anyone is driving after being diagnosed/treated for brain mets?

I had WBR in february and was told by oncologist to surrender my licence…but I keep asking if I can drive again and he wont give me an answer!

Any info be great, thank you!


Doesnt look like it but will bump it up just in case someone is.

Hi Zippy – it’s a bit of a minefield, but here’s some guidance on driving after being dx with a brain tumour that I found on the Cancer Research UK website: I’m sure there’s more info on the DVLA website, too – looks like our oncs might hold the key (no pun intended!) to us resuming driving after being dx with brain mets. xx

im sure your insurance wont cover you if you were to have a crash my son in law started to have fits out of the blue not cancer or anything like that docs just said no driving untill they found out wot it was ,insurance wouldnt cover him untill had all clear of doc got to all clean now still dont know wot the fits were from but he will be driving next month