anyone else been given generic bondronat?

Picked up my prescription today and was given Ibandronic Acid tablets by Actavis, as opposed to Bondronat by Roche.My chemist assured me it is the same.Another cost cutting exercise?
Maybe this will sort out the shortages,as long as it works the same, and as well as Bondronat.

Linda x

Yes, got some last week, had been thinking of posting :slight_smile:

Hi - just looked at information about the two ibandronic acid tablet products (made by Roche & Actavis) on the eMC (Electronic Medicines Compendium). They seem identical in terms of ingredients, instructions, etc. - I’m just a bit surprised to see a generic version of this drug, as it’s only been licensed in Europe for about seven years, and I thought drugs needed to be around much longer than that to be produced by other pharma companies.

It can only be good news for us that there’s an alternative supply of this treatment, as Roche has been unable to supply it via their current distributors for a while, so getting it is a bit of a production: find a chemist who will order it from Roche directly, hope it arrives before you run out, hope there will be some available when you next need it. I’m waiting for mine right now – I’ve been on it for almost 8 years (was a “named patient” before it was licensed) and have been very happy with its success in keeping my extensive bone mets stable for such a long time.

Marilyn x

Thanks for that.My pharmacist did assure me that there was no difference to Bondronat.He has always been very good in ordering from Roche,it was always waiting for me when I collected my repeat prescription.
Like you I was just surprised to see a generic drug as I thought it was still under licence.
However as long as it keeps my bone mets under control and helps those who have had supply problems, it can only be a good developement.

Linda x


I too received the Activas make, have been using bondronat for 4 years now. I called NHS Direct to check - and they confirmed it was the same drug. Was worried I may have symptoms from a change! but its been no different! :slight_smile:

I too got the Activas ones last time around. I like the fact the tablets are smaller and easier to swallow so am just hoping there won’t be any difference.

Judith x

I,ve just been given Zentiva for the first time. Smaller tablets and enteric coated, hopefully no more indigestion! Have been on Bondronat and Femara for 6 years now with no major problems, but am beginning to have worries about my teeth. Has anyone else had problems?

Zentiva appears to be the name of a drug manufacturer :slight_smile:
My ibandronic acid tablets are made by Actavis, and yes, the tablets are smaller, and easier to remove from the blister pack (important for me as I have chemo-induced fingertip/nail problems)

But… yesterday I went to my pharmacy to collect my generic ibandronic acid… out of stock . grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Some links that may be useful:
Ibandronic acid

And a warning: DON’T, whatever you do, allow your pharmacy to fob you off with Bonviva. This is ibandronic acid 150 mg, for osteoporosis, to be taken ONCE A MONTH - it’s the equivalent of THREE Bondronats!

Emmaline - I’ve been taking Bondronat for almost 8 years, with no teeth/jaw problems so far (touch wood!); but I do know people who have had some problems after being on IV bisphosphonates for a while.

As for the un-availability issue, my pharmacy orders it directly from Roche, as the distributors simply don’t supply it any more. It usually takes a couple of days to arrive, but I haven’t had any problems actually eventually getting them. And as you say, mrsblue, DEFINITELY don’t accept Bonviva - it’s completely wrong for us! xx

Ladies I suddenly received the generic brand last month, didn’t notice any new side effects…now this month I’m back with Bondronat …perhaps it was a supply glitch?..can’t wait to see what next month brings.
Re Actavis…I missed the days of the week being printed on the foil…it’s the little things…