Anyone else feel tired all the time?

Appointment is not too far away now (Monday). Anyone else feel really tired in the run up to their scan? I wonder if it’s stress related? I’ve taking to having naps through the day, struggle to get up in the morning (that’s been for a couple of months now though), once I am up, I want to go back to bed. Just wanted to know if anyone is dealing with this now too. I work for myself and really finding it hard to get on with things. No energy at all!! I feel so lazy!!



I’m sorry you’re feeling like this. Waiting for appointments is a worrying time with all sorts going through your mind and can play havoc with your emotions. It may be that you are feeling emotionally stressed which is making you feel so tired. I have days when my energy levels are low. I’m going through radiotherapy at the moment and am feeling tired. The radiographer said going to hospital every day doesn’t help but also it’s an emotional time which all contributes. You can always chat to the breast cancer helpline to talk through your worries and I’m sure you’ll get lots more support from other ladies who understand.

I hope my post has helped a little.

Take care


Hi there.


I’ve been tired for ages. But it’s not really a sleepy tired more of a can’t be bothered tired,  and I think it’s all down to stress.


but sleeping more and taking naps makes me feel worse.  I am currently getting radiotherapy so that’s making it more noticeable.  I have found making sure I eat regularly,  to keep my blood sugar level,  and drinking loads of water is helping. 


When I have something to occupy my attention I don’t notice it,  then it hits me again.


hope all goes well at your appointment. 


Take care.



Thanks very much for the replys. Yes, it must be the stress and worry even though I am trying to not let it worry me too much. Keeping any fears I have away from my other half probably doesn’t help either as I am not able to talk about my true feelings! Not long to go now. Hopefully at tomorrow’s appointment I can get some sort of reassurance that all is fine. Hopefully some answers about the indentation, lumps, numbness and breast size change. Surely can’t be down to nothing but also think fibroadonemas can cause these symptoms too. Anyway, I am thinking positive thoughts that all will be fine. I am sure I will update everyone tomorrow night. x