Anyone else found their GP referral never arrived at clinic?

I’m so annoyed and upset, so please don’t feel you don’t need to reply - I just need to let off steam!!


I found a large hard irregular lump on Sat night. I was so anxious I went to the local NHS drop-in clinic on Sunday to get assessed, and also in the hope that it might kickstart the referral process, but the first thing they said was referrals have to come via GP.


Went to my GP at 8.40am Monday and got an appointment for 5pm. GP said he’d refer me straightaway,  but said the referral wouldn’t be seen til Tues morning.


So on Tues pm I phoned clinic just to see if they’d received the referral. They said nothing had come through yet, but if I haven’t heard on Weds morning, call them again on Weds pm. So I phoned my GP to check they’d sent it through. They said it had been sent electronically but not to expect to hear so quickly as the clinic have to assess and grade each referral first before issuing appointments, and so it might be Friday before I hear.


I chatted on one of the forums on here on Weds and was reassured that most lumps are non-cancerous, and not to overthink/google too much, and just wait for appointment. And I felt much better after that advice. No point worrying about what might be nothing. And in a silly way, I didn’t want to hear too quickly, as that might indicate they’d graded me as lower risk…


But I decided to call the clinic this morning to chase my appointment rather than have to wait over the weekend to find when it might be. They said they still didn’t have a referral through yet and contact my GP again. I was so upset! I phoned my GP who said they would investigate and get another GP to send the referral (again) and they’d call me back…


I’ve stopped sobbing now, but it was so upsetting to hear nothing has happened yet, and annoyed with myself for not calling back on Weds as it would have been picked up sooner.


Just hoping that the 2 week window will be back-dated to Tuesday. Husband is getting ready to complain to the GPs if its their error. If the 2 weeks starts from today, then that means I might not be seen til just before I go on holiday and will spend my holiday worrying about the results. Anyone have any experiences of a referral lost in the process? Do you think they’ll still see me next week?







Update. Just got a letter in the post from my GP which said I could make my own appointment online. Logged onto the system and the earliest is Tues 7 Aug which is 2 weeks from referral. Phoned the clinic to see if there was anything sooner. There isn’t unless there’s a cancellation. They also said the GP should/could have booked it for me. The GP didn’t post the letter til weds afternoon (2nd class). Just feel like if they’d made the appointment earlier in the week or sent it sooner or 1st class I could have got something next week. Just finding this wait really hard.

Thanks jobey68. I’m feeling better after my cry earlier. At least I can get on and organise activities with the kids next week now (and my car mot etc) as I’d just put everything on hold. And I’ve got enough time to organise childcare and my husband can book leave.

I guess I’m a bit sensitive to the situation as my dad died from a rare lymphoma and it took over 6 months to diagnose…

Just another update.


It turns out that the benefit of the e-referral system was that I could log on and see if any cancellations had come up, and I managed to get one, so I went to clinic this afternoon rather than next Tues.


The first doctor thought it felt like a cyst but recommended a mammogram and ultrasound.


The doctor who did the ultrasound said the mammogram hadn’t show anything but she thought the lump looked solid rather than fluid so she did a core biopsy. Lots of small cysts at the bottom of the same breast, but that wasn’t a concern.


I’m booked in for the results next Weds, and feeling quite calm really - I think it’s because there’s no point stressing as I still don’t know. Plus there was no sign of anything on the ultrasound in the armpit area, so it appears contained (although it measures about 3cm so is quite big).


I had to tell my mum as she’s staying with us and she’s stressing (as she’s a worrier anyway) but it means she’s made the kids tea, helped around the house and so on, so that’s good :slight_smile:


Hoping this next week doesn’t drag.






Doctor did say it might still be a fibroadonema although I feel like that’s unlikely due to my age (46) but who knows.



Deep breaths Pulapula xx
I had trouble trying to sort out my referral to the Breast Clinic and got really stressed out with the whole system. In tears I rang them direct at the hospital and they made an appointment for me there and then.
My next stress out was when I went for the results 2 werks later ? I didn’t realise it but i was sent the wrong letter and had to sit around at the hospital for 2 hours until my actual appointment rolled round.
The thing was I knew what the results were going to be!! When i was waiting there and feeling sick with worry my BCN told me that as I was so upset with what the hospital had done I could elect to have my treatment at another hospital. At that moment I knew what my results would be. She wouldnt have said “treatment” if the biopsy was clear.
Needless to say, after the inital hickups i couldn’t fault the NHS at all. Everything since has been faultless and im now a month pre-rads and working my way back.

Take care xxx

Thanks Lilacmoon

After the initial frustration of trying to get an appointment I couldn’t fault them at the breast clinic. Sounds like you didn’t have a good experience at your appointment. I don’t think I could have sat there waiting 2 hours for results.

Hi. I got my biopsy results today and they confirmed I have BC. Think I was expecting it so wasn’t a big shock, or maybe I am in shock and it hadn’t sunk in yet. Invasive ducal carcinoma grade 2 or 3, 30mm. They are trying to get me an mri before we go away this Friday, or else I’ll come back for it early next week. And still waiting on receptors results from the biopsy which might be next week. Booked in for 23 August when they have all the info to go through treatment options …

Oh Goodness, sorry to hear your news, Pulapula, those of us who’ve been diagnosed have all been there.
But, most importantly, it has been diagnosed & can now be dealt with.
It’s good to hear you’ve got dates for the next stages. It does feel better when your treatment plan is finalised.
Sending hugs
ann x