Anyone else got this??

Hi all

The past few weeks Ive noticed that when I turn my head from one side to the other (as if saying no) I can hear a grinding noise from inside the back of my head! Could this be from the Tamoxifen/Zoladex, or am I just getting old (35!!), maybe its always been there and never noticed, or should I be worried?? Important to say I can only hear this noise in a silent room, not when other noises present.

hi lolly
im sure i can hear every bone in my body creak whenever i move and get a lot of joint pain in arms and legs. i was on tamoxifen for 10 months but now changed to arimidex along with herceptin. it could just be my age too, 41 is really old so my kids keep telling me.
good luck with your treatment

I’ve just done it … and I can hear a clicky grinding noise too. Hopefully that means it’s normal ??? I’m on CMF at the mo, with only 1 left to go, but am also having neupogen injections to boost my white blood cell count and they make my bones ache - so it may be a se of that!

S x

I just tried it too and get the same sensation! Perhaps we are just creaking due to stress of all this horrid C treatment?

I’m having my last EPI (4of 4 cycles) on 21st Jan, hooray! is CMF more bearable? Had quite a few side effects after 3rd Epi and a seasonal heavy cold just for added effect…oh joy!

Hi Lolly

My neck has creaked while doing the same movement for years before the BC. I think it’s an age thing…

Cecelia. x