Anyone else had Breast reconstruction with Strattice Mesh

Hi I am very new to the board and have been chatting with 1 other lady who has had this procedure done but I was wondering if anyone else has had breast reconstruction using strattice mesh.
I had a double mastectomy in June 2010 using expander implants and the mesh after being diagnosed with DCIS for a second time.
I would love to hear from anyone else who has had this type of procedure done and how they are now feeling.

I haven’t, but there may be others on here who have, so bumping up the Latest Posts list.

I had a prophylactic mastectomy, and immediate reconstruction using an implant and a strattice, on the right hand side and an LD reconstruction plus implant on the left hand side (following a mastectomy in 2007) on 10th March 2011. I wasn’t prepared for how long it will take to get back to ‘normal’, probably because I didn’t look on this site beforehand! I am not a very patient person and just want to be able to do everything I did before. Silly things are difficult - such as changing gear in the car - and I can get dressed easily with button up tops, can pull non-button up tops over my head, but find it difficult to get the d**n things off again (lol)! The skill of the surgeons is amazing and I am sure that I will be very pleased with the results once everything has settled down. I do find the bulge under my arm (from the flap) uncomfortable, as my bra sits right underneath it and probably squashes even more flesh into that area - I will speak to my consultant about this on Friday, (I may just need to try different bras).
Also, I expected the implants to feel like my prosthesis - which was lovely and smooth and soft - where the implants feel a bit like ‘boil in the bag’ packaging!
How are you feeling, as you are now 9 months on from your surgery?

Hi All,
I had an immediate reconstruction using strattice mesh and expander to the right breast less than two weeks ago. the area is still very painful to touch and I’m still taking painkillers. I will be having radiotherapy to the chest wall so I’d be interested in any experiences from others who have had rads after a reconstruction.
The recons looks good, just like a boob minus a nipple and much perkier than the 41 year old real boob opposite.
I’m impressed that you are driving Scaredsam. I hope that means that I too will be driving in two weeks. I’m also wondering how you are faring 9 months on twinmum.
Best wishes,

I had this done last year.
Recovery was straightforward and I was driving again (automatic car) after 9 days. The expander was replaced by silicone later in the year. Not bad looking and again a straightforward recovery - I was playing tennis a week later - but I’ve had to go to a cosmetic tattoo artist recommended by my surgeon to get a nipple painted on ! This is a work in progress still but I have what I hope will be my final top up of ink to the area later this month. If I go swimming the area round my shoulder is still a little stiff but it relaxes after a couple of lengths. Apart from that I’ve had no problems.

caveat: I don’t want to sound glib or dismissive of those who have serious complications or who are unhappy with their new boobs, but sometimes it’s important to spread good news too.

Hi all,

I had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with strattice mesh and implant three weeks ago. Have had some problems then with fluid build up between mesh and skin (which needed draining a few times), but other than that the surgeons, BCNs and radiologist are all very excited about the new breast and how strattice mesh is so amazing. I myself am having to get used to the whole new breast still, and am only just recovering from the surgery and chemo, so have not had time to admire it yet :slight_smile:

I was expecting to be very bruised after the op, but I was not at all.
I was pleasantly surprised how the scar is healing too, when after 10 days the bandage was taken of.

I did not have an expander. I have not attempted tennis yet, but then again I did not play before all this either :slight_smile: Not driving yet though.

Hope this helps.


Hi there,
Nearly three weeks later and the recons still looks good. I couldn’t begin to consider driving yet and like Christine, tennis is off limits at the moment.
On my recons side the skin is peeling, not a lot but as it is a new issue I’m a bit concerned. Did anyone else experience this?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

My bcn and breast surgeon both recommended I massage the reconstructed breast gently with eg E45 daily. This has helped keep the skin soft and also reduced any niggly pains.

I will start radiotherapy in two weeks - will have to ask the hired specialist again about what to use then as I know there are some restrictions then on what products to use.


Hi Ladies

So sorry not to reply sooner but have been on hols and I just get caught up with every day busy life and don’t get round to logging on.

Well for me now 11 months on I can honestly say I feel fab and am realy pleased with everything and whilst I was on holiday I did’nt give my boobs a second thought and I slept well and actually felt fairly normal. Having said all that I am going back into hospital on Friday to have my expander ports taken out and to change the implants for silicone only ones as they are supposed to be softer and also on my right side the implant has dropped through some of my stiches and has come away from the chest wall so I am going in for a bit of maintenance!

I cannot remember having any peeling skin but I was told to put on nivea cream (the one in a little blue pot)but I did’nt get into the habit of doing that at all. I did not drive for 6 weeks as I just was not comfortable about the seat belt and changing gear - When I did drive it was awkward to change gear and also turning round to see to reverse but now I don’t give it a second thought. I did not have to have any further treatment ofter my operation so I’m sorry I cant help you out there but I did have rads first time around so I do understand what thats like.

I did start to swim 8 weeks after and that was ok a bit wierd at first but again now not a probelm.

Hope this helps and will let you know how I get on with the operation and the silicone only implants.

Take care

Louise x

I had mx with strattice and an implant one week ago. All seems well so far. I had a silicone implant as i am quite small anyway. I look a bit lob sided at the moment and am hoping that when things settle down i will look OK with clothes on and of course a bra! ~Very encouraging to hear some positive stories on here.

Hi I had this procedure on 4/6/13.

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Hi I had this procedure on 4/6/13.

Hello you mentioned you had the strattice in your reconstruction where did you have this done? I am based in the midlands and currently trying to find a surgeon who uses this technique, best wishes x

Where did you have this done?

Hello Christine where did you have this performed??

Hi I had this procedure in august last yeat had bilateral mx with immediate reconstructin using strattice under the nhs. Was incredibly lucky and not had problems. Surgeon would like me to consider larger implant and a ‘tidy’ up but yo me they r perfect. I am in Cambridgeshire


Hi im in east midlands. Derby. Having this op done on monday at derby royal. I am petrified!!! So hoping dont get an infection as told as ive already had my chemo & implant & mesh would need to be removed as my body will struggle to fight infections due to chemo & herceptin x

Thank you. I am so scared. Im not good with pain! Dreading it! Glad you seem to be so well now x

Are there possible complications of strattice and an allergic reaction?? I have so many allergies and I’m wondering if there’s a chance you can not get on with the strattice as in your body rejecting it or developing an infection? Happy to hear it’s worked well for lots of people xx

Hi I had dbl mx July 9 with immediate reconstruction expanders and strattice. …I have had terrible pain and very disfigured looking…scars healing nice after infection from second surgery July 18 where nipples were removed and according to surgeon left expander flipped (he supposedly corrected). I have not had any injections yet bc of pain and I have opted for second surgical opinion which is this Thursday. Has anyone had similar experience? Desperate for understanding and help…dont feel this is how reconstruction was supposed to go. All the research I’ve done and pics ive seen dont show disfigured “breasts” like mine look.