Anyone else had rash on armpits after double mastectomy & reconstruction?

I had my risk reducing surgery with immediate reconstruction (silicon implants) 3 weeks ago. Recovery is going well aside from the fact that since the day I had the op the skin on both armpits has been red - looks like a rash, but not especially itchy. Wondering if anyone else has had this and if anything helped it clear? I had no lymph nodes removed & nothing was actually done to the armpit area so I’m not sure what has caused it, tho I do have very sensitive skin & a tendency to get rashes/eczema. I’ve spoken to the BC nurse at the Marsden where I was operated on & she didn’t know what to suggest aside from not using deodorant for a few days (thank goodness it’s winter…) to see if that helps. Any other thoughts/suggestions would be very welcome.
Bel x

Hi Bel,good you’ve checked this out with BC nurse,hope it settles down soon.Best wishes for your recovery .Jill.