Anyone else had weekly taxol & Gem?


Xeloda unfortunately hasn’t worked for me & I have more spread within my lymphatic system & into my pleural membrane. Onc told me today that she would start me on weekly IV Taxol & Gem & I wondered if anyone else has had this combo & how they coped on the regime?


Big hugs Hazel,I can’t offer any advice but you know I hope this regime will give the big C a run for its money!

Hi Hayz,

Sorry that xeloda hasn’t worked for you. I’ve had weekly IV Taxol (without the Gem, not sure what that is) last year and it worked for me very well. I found it a lot easier than FEC, which I’m having at the mo.

Hope the extra Gem will help more and it won’t be too difficult.


Hi Hayz!

Not sure if you’ve ‘met’ me before - I’m quite new to posting. Any-way, regarding your question - I’ve been having weekly taxol since Feb.for lymph gland recurrances under my collarbone - I’m on week 18 next week - phew! I had a scan in May and it showed shrinkage and hopefully it’s carried on working. I’m sure adding another drug into the mix will make it more effective - so good luck and best wishes,

Love Sarah x

Thanks for your replies!

I just need to get a picc line & a chest xray to check my lungs & then hopefully I can get started on the chemo.

Fingers crossed it kicks the cancer into oblivion!