Anyone else having a Fugly day?

Steroids must be wearing off. Had Tax 1 this week after 3 fec, and boy I feel rough. Legs hurt, belly swollen and can’t pee properly. Appetite was OK with a cheese burger earlier, but tonights tea will be a bit hit and miss. No puking tho, happy days.
Bought a nice sun hat today to hide the missing eyebrow and have a big shirt over the 40 inch waist to hide it, but look pregnant, lol. My new white hair is almost a few millimeters long, but am waiting to loose that again soon.
I’m having a moan and glass of gin.
Cheers ladies, have a lovely evening x :o)

Yes. Was FECced today so nothing works properly, but at least I’m not throwing up (thank you Emend). But I can’t remember where I put my drugs. The girlies tidied up a couple of days ago and hid them somewhere - aarrgghh! I would run round in a panic but I don’t have any energy. Think I might just roll over on the sofa and go back to sleep.


Definitely a Fugly day today. Had TAX 1 on Friday and now have a face full of spots. Whats that all about? Also sunken eyes and a sore mouth :frowning:

Aww, poor Buzzy. I would offer a hug but don’t have the energy. Would a pathetic wave do the trick?