Anyone else having Zoladex?

Anyone else having Zoladex?

Anyone else having Zoladex? Hi there,

dx with grade 3 bc. had WLE end of march and was not hormone receptive. have no children but would like to someday, so i am having Zoladex injections once a month throughout my 6 sessions of FEC chemo, followed by radiotherapy. my understanding about the Zoladex is that it puts your ovaries to sleep so that they do not absorb as much of the chemo drugs. Can you still have periods while on chemo and Zoladex? any side effects of Zoladex?
thanks, just want to understand it better

nadia x

me too Hi Nadia

I will be having zolodex injections once a month. I’ve not yet started though, got my first chemo on 12th June (x4 FEC & x4 Taxotere). I’m 34 with a 2 1/2 year old but want another - in fact was trying to get pregnant (1 miscarriage last Sept and 1 ectopic in March this year) when this all happened.

I think it sends your ovaries to sleep to protect them so you don’t have periods whilst you have the injections but that they should hopefully start again when the chemo stops. Side effects are similar to the menopause - hot flushes, mood swings etc.

How’s the chemo going? Have you had a zolodex injection yet??


hi Jude,

Sorry to hear you have bc and will be having the chemo etc. Since diagnosed in March I have found great support and advice from this website. i had first FEC session of chemo 2 weeks ago, it was not as bad as i thought, I felt the effects within hours of having the chemmo and this last ed about 3 days, feeling headachy, nauseous, with a cold. I also had the fist Zoladex injection in my tummy that day. Strangly enough i came on my period this month as usual which I why i was asking about Zoladex as i thought it was mean to put your ovaries to sleep. I due to see my onc next tuesday so will ask loads of questions. i let you know. Gooo luck with the rest of your treatment

Nadia xx

Hi there
Just to say that I had Zoladex injectiuons for a year and didint have any problems at all. In the end I had radio therapy on my overies ( I was 52) and now I dont need the zoladex as the overies are dead.
It might take a second injection before you stop your periods but check with your Dr.
Keep well luv jANE

hi Nadia I am having zoladex too and chemo. Although I have an es+ve bc, still 5the Zoladex will put your ovaries in artificial menopauze. You probably will not have any periods, but have some of the 'sideeffects ’ of menopauze. Hot- flushes are the only once I can think of at the moment. I have read on this website that your periods and fertility can return to normal after the chemo and changes are higher after zoladex!

I have had ivf treatment ( before i was diagnosed) and the docters even used a zoladex sort of medication to prepair my uterus and ovaries for the rest of the treatment.

I have the three monthly inj of zoladex And I found that very painfull (fainted on the first occasion) So now I apply emla cream 1 hour before and it makes the world of difference!!! (local aneasthetic cream).

Hope this will help you a bit.
take care.

Hi Nadia

I have been having Zoladex monthly injections since January. I did have one period at the beginning, but haven’t had any since. Hot flushes seem to be my main side effect! although these have lessened with time. I am apparently stopping mine, one month after the last chemo. The first injection at the hospital was straight into my stomach which was agony. I have had all of the others at my doctor’s surgery and the nurse there is really good, she takes a roll of fat and sort of twists it and then inserts the needle, it sounds bad, but hardly hurts at all.

Hope everything goes Ok for you


injection sounds painful Nikky you have got me worried. That sounds horrible the Zolodex injection. Hadn’t thought about it but I guess it would go in your tummy, I’ve got plenty of fat though for the nurse to grab (lol).