Anyone else on EC here?

Hi everyone,
So I’m just posting for the first time to find out if any of you are feeling a bit isolated? My friends are being amazing but it’s hard at home with two teenagers who don’t seem to want to acknowledge what is going on. I started EC on Thursday so today is Day 6. The first few days on antisickness have been ok and yet Monday and Tuesday brought a lot more tiredness, aches and pains, constipation and generally numb feelings across hands and head. This morning I’ve woken with a headache so feeling a bit rubbish. I guess the first time it’s so hard to know what to expect and how bad it might be. Anyone else feeling a bit like this? I’m usually a very positive person but struggling with feeling low at the moment. Hugs to all of you :slight_smile: x

Morning Claire Bell
Ive had 2 cycles of EC and both manageable and felt’normal’ on day 7!
Ive taken paracetomol and Ibroprofen for the aches and pains and soaks wirh Epsom Salts. I think these are caused by my GCSF injections.
Im also doing some breathing exercises and easy arm exercises they helped the headaches first time round but havent got rhem this cycle.
I get rosy cheeks on first 3 days but temp ok so nothing to worry about. The first cycle was very daunting as didnt know what to expect and how to deal but 2nd cycle seemed easier to handle.
Emotions are high, moods are low, lack of sleep, lots of worry and stress which can also cause headaches, aches and pains!
Even though we may get more tired as we go along,
we are more prepared, but then Im chsnging to Doxataxol after one more EC.
If you have any concerns ring your chemo nurse, they dont mind at all.
Hope it gets easier for you.xx

Hi Claire, i had my first FEC a week ago and have had some nausea, a sore mouth and tiredness. It has all been manageable. I have also felt very up and down and i have cried at the lack of control and not feeling my usual strong self. I keep posting on here. Yesterday morning, day 7 i felt rough. I had hardly slept and felt nauseous. Today, day 8 and i feel fine. I have slept really well and it has made all the difference. Be kind to yourself, have a cry and let it out, dont push yourself to hard and most of all keep coming here - there will always be someone with support and encouragement who will know how you are feeling. Also ring your nurses and tell them whats happening. Big hugs xx

Hi Claire
Welcome to the forum.
The first week after chemo is definitely the hardest. From about day 8 you will start to feel more like yourself again.
Also, in many ways, the first cycle is the hardest because you don’t know what to expect. It’s a good idea to keep a diary so you know how you’re be feeling next time.
Would you like to join the October starter thread? There are lots of ladies also going through it, so you can chat and support each other on there. Just pop a post on there and you will get lots of help.
It’s very difficult for family and friends to understand what you’re going through. This is a great place to come, because we all know how you feel.
Best wishes
Sue xx

Thanks Sue I will join the October Starter thread - it’s good to have somewhere to come where others are sharing the same experiences. Thank you for replying x

Thanks Ali! I did have a big cry this morning and I think that has helped clear my head a bit! We are so used to just getting up and getting on with it that it’s debilitating and confusing when you can’t!

Thank you ck. It is good to know it gets better x