Anyone else on neoadjuvant chemotherapy??

Just wanted to see if I could find any others going through this??

I’ve just finished 4 FEC and my team want to operate now, look at all the results and then decide about Tax.

I’m feeling rather alone in the sense that I seem to be the opposite of everyone else I meet. I have a stage 2/3 grade 2/3 TN BC.

My surgery date is the 7th June.

Would love to see people doing the same xxxx

Hi Manny, you are not alone , quite a few of us on here are having chemo 1st, In my case its because I have Inflammatory BC and its always treated in this way, some ladies opt to have it this way as they feel its dealing with the cancer and shrinking it before surgery. Hope this is of some help to you.
Best wishes Jean

I’m having chemo before surgery too. I have had 3 lots of AC with the 4th due on Wednesday, then switch to 4 x tax. No date for surgery yet but I am guessing it will be in September if all goes to plan. I have a grade 3 IDC.
Hope that helps, you are definitely not alone.


I had an unknown primary and extensive malignancies in nodes so they started hitting it with EC first cos basically they weren’t sure where they were going to operate otherwise but had presumed a breast primary. MRI report has finally (this week) revealed original tumours; they’d been looking for a discrete one but found lots of tiny ones that wouldn’t show on any other investigations. Chemo first would in some cases also mean less extensive surgery due to shrinkage.

I have 6 EC planned followed by surgery, rads, then 5 years of endocrine therapy. Then another 5 years of checks. It’s gonna be a long haul. I’d better pack a big case.

Hello Manny

I have grade 3 triple negative BC. It was 3cm. I am having FEC x 3 and Tax x 3. The breast surgeon gave me the choice of having surgery first where he would have to remove around 60g of tissue, or I could opt to have chemo first to shrink it down and then have surgery which would hopefully result in less tissue being removed. As it was the chemo bit I wasnt looking forward to, I figured I may as well get that over and done with first. Plus the surgeon only operates on a Friday, and with the recent flurry of bank holidays his surgery time was getting delayed, so I felt I was happy to start chemo and get on with it. After the first one the tumour is considerably smaller, so I am really pleased with the results so far! Hope this helps.

Michaela x

Im her 2 stage 2 grade 2 cancer of unknown primary.
Just to say ive had chemo, node clearance last week and have just been told that im in remission.Not a clinical or pathological sign of cancer in my body.The primary has never revealed itself anywhere. Hope this gives you some hope xx

Hi Manny,

I am also having the neoadjuvant chemo. 3FEC + 3 TAX, followed by surgery and rad. I got invasuve ductal carc., ER+ PR+ HERS-, nodes involved.

I wish you all the best with your surgery in June.



Hatty - well done on the ‘remission’ word, the one we all long to hear. I have tears my eyes for you xx

Yup, I’m on neoadjuvant as well. Grade 3 ductal, no nodes, 2.3cm, HER2+, 4 lots of FEC done, now into 4 lots of Tax, then surgery which will hopefully be a lumpectomy rather than anything more, then herceptin for a year (or six months, depending on what the trials show is most effective). What a palaver, to use a phrase. But if it works, good.
Ann x

Many thanks Ninja and it is something that i wish for you all. Did you know there is a CUP website for our sort of cancer? Will try and pm you later if i get a minute.

Yep I am having the chemo first, the reason for this is because I had WLE, dx was extensive DCIS + ext Lymphovascular invasion and path report showed grade 2 invasive. I then had SNB which showed 2 sentinels with canscer + mocromets in 1 or 2 others?? My surgeon ( sorry prof) said as I had already had 2 ops that they do chemo first in case of complications with futher surgery not healing quick enough and therefore delaying any systemic drug therapy ( chemo etc) I will have mx after that + rads. seems quite common now . I did however have a battle as I am dealing with 2 hospitals (long story) and they didn’t agree with each other!!! VERY distressing! I decided to go along with the team who got me through it last time! ( I had bc on other side 14 yrs ago ) Hope it goes well for all of us XXXXXXXX