Anyone else on the Fast Forward trial?


I’m taking part in the Fast Forward trial, and wondered if there’s anyone else on it?  I’ve been selected for the shorter regime, so I’m having 5 days plus 5 boosters.  I had my planning session last week, and start on 5 Sept.  I’m looking forward to getting on with another stage of treatment, and (at least at the moment) am not dreading it the way I did with the chemo.


Good luck Deborah!

I have been offered the option to go on this trial but I’m worried that I may be put in ,
‘the box’ where rads are reduced, but I think the 10 year follow up is good

Hi Deborah,
How did you get on in September with radiotherapy on the FAST trial. I’ve opted for it too and start on the 30th sept, same as you, 5 days then 5 more. Like some other posts its just dawning on me that I’ll have to deal with the side effects from this disease for life, but not getting too hung up about it as I know others who are going through similar without too many issues, but i know its different for everyone. i’m in the changing of life style, diet and positive mind process phase that will be required to get through this but know this will be hard if I start getting symptoms I feel hard to deal with! I hate being unwell! If you get this post, let me know how you got on or are getting on now after the treatment, really appreciate your response :slight_smile: x

Hi Panacea

I hope your rads went well this month so congrats on finishing. I have just signed up to take part in the trial and am in test group 2, one week treatment with the slightly lower dose. I won’t be having a booster week as I had a MX. How did you find it? Like one of the ladies on here I am still a bit apprehensive of this ‘slightly lower dose’. I guess if we have to have it we want to get the full whack of it! x


I’m on the fast forward trial.  I also have a short arm so 5 days + 5 days boost.  I had my planning appointment week before last but as yet no date for start of radiotherapy.  I’d be interested to hear how you are getting on as I haven’t started yet.


I am also taking Tamoxifen and I’m feeling really rather low at the moment.  I’m not sure if I’m actually feeling low because I’m feeling low or if I’m feeling low as  a side effect of Tamoxifen.  I’ve been taking it a little over a month now and wonder if you or anyone else on here is feeling like I am?



I’m starting the Fast Forward Radiotherapy plan on Monday 30th Sept for 5 days, normal dose and 5 days booster.  Just about to start taking Tamaxifen but worried about the two things happening at the same time and not knowing whats what but thinking just have to get on with it :(. I had a dry mouth a lot during chemo and the doc gave me a perscription for a gel and toothpaste to use to alleviate symptoms, both quite soothing. 

Hello everyone, I’ve not been checking in much these days.  Hope you’ve all got through the rads okay?  I finished on the 19th September.  I was on the 5 plus 5 booster arm, and it went surprisingly quickly.  I found it okay, apart from itchy nose syndrome that seemed to strike the minute the radiographers were out the door.  I had a bit of redness and itching, but the skin stayed in good shape.


I’ve had a lot of stiffness in my shoulder though.  Has anyone else had this?  it was nearly back to normal after the surgery so bit disappointed that its sore now.


And the fatigue hit me like a train last Monday.  I was at the GP for my tamoxifen prescription and feeling fine, and by the time I got home I was wiped out.  Does anyone know how long this lasts?  I’m due  back to work in November, I’ll be needing an 8 o’clock bedtime.


I’ve also got hot flushes brough on by the chemo, but I suspect the Tamoxifen is  giving them a helping hand.  And then there’s my sore and stiff legs.    Apart from that…







Hi I was asked today if I would like to take part in the fast-forward trial. What does everyone think who has agreed to take part? Xxx Tracy

Thanks Mary it does sound good and I do think I will take part. It’s good news it has been received so well and going to come in two years ahead of time. Thanks for your thoughts on this it has been helpful xxx Tracy

I am starting my 5 days (slightly lower dose) rads tomorrow and I am so frightened about the prospect of sore skin.  My skin is always so sensitive that I wear factor 50 throughout the year anyway and I never touch soap - I only use emulsifying ointment.

I would be really grateful for advice about keeping the burn/ soreness at bay.  

Don’t suppose I can use factor 50 before the treatment, can I ?


I’m on the FAST forward trial starting 30 Dec and I’m in the control group so I will be treated to 15 sessions.  Just hoping the weather doesn’t let us down.  There is talk of coming to fetch us in a Land Rover if it’s bad snow but that may only be the people in the test group arm of the trial!  Really up for it and grateful I was offered the chance!

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