Anyone else starting rads this month (May)?

Just wondering if anyone else is starting rads soon and wants to hold hands?

I’ve had chemo followed by Mx and ANC, had rads planning on monday and starting 1st of 15 sessions at Mount Vernon Hospital on Monday 17th May. Having rads to chest wall, skin and neck.

I pretty much sailed thorough chemo and surgery but I’ve a feeling I’m not going to be so lucky with rads as I’m very fair skinned (with freckles) and burn easily. I’m also due to have full thickness radiation to the skin as the area over my lump was red at diagnosis so increased risk of skin breakdown due to that too - oh joy!


Hi again, Linda. I just wanted to say that I have fair skin and didn’t have much of a problem with rads, just pink and itchy skin, but I had 15 to the whole breast, plus 4 boosters, not the same as you.

Good luck, anyway!

Ann x

Thanks, Ann.

It’s good to know that fair skin doesn’t automatically lead to a bad time with rads, gives me a bit more hope even though I know that the ‘bolus’ will intensify the effect on my skin.


Hey Linda

I’m due to start rads again for the second time!

I finished rads for my primary & a regional recurrance around 5 weeks ago, but unfortunately I now have another infected node on the opposite side which requires treatment.

I had 20 fractions + 5 boosters & was lucky as I had no skin problems. We’re advised not to use any creams/lotions at all at the hospital I attend & apart from being quite dry, tanned & very freckly at the end my skin held up pretty well.

I have the standard pasty, freckly Scottish skin so I was surprised that I didn’t have any issues…I’m just hoping my poor neck & underarm on my ‘good’ side hold up as well!

Good Luck with your treatment!


I’m starting on Monday too - happy to hold hands!

Hayz - good to hear your skin stood up well as it sounds just like mine. Hope the new lot of rads goes well for you. My hospital have advised using aqueous cream twice a day both before and during treatment so I’ve been slapping that on for the last few days in preparation.

Finty - I’ll be thinking of you on Monday, hope all goes smoothly for you. How many blasts are you having?

My appointment is 3.20pm - just about the most incovenient time possible as my eldest son has to be picked up from school at 3.15pm. I’m going to see if I can get my appointments changed to earlier in the day but not holding out too much hope as I know the dept is very busy, so wish me luck with that!


I’m starting my 20 sessions tomorrow at the Churchill rather than Mount Vernon. Have had a long gap since surgery so feeling rather apprehensive all over again. Homeopathy & aqueous cream at the ready.


Hope your first session went well for you.

I’ve now had 3 (12 more to go!) and so far it’s been fine. Monday’s session took ages as they were running very late, yesterday they were running 30 mins late but today they were on time and I was home within an hour and half of leaving so that was pretty good I thought.

I got my appointment time changed from 3.20 to 1pm which is easier to organise and today was my first at the new time so I’m hoping that they keep to time better at that time of day.

No skin reaction yet but it’s early days, I’m slapping on the aqueous cream and drinking lots of water as recommended.


Hi Linda - I’m having 25 plus 8 boosters - so nearly 7 weeks worth! Travelling up to Harley Street is a pain but I guess I’ll get used to it. I need to work it around my dogs, who aren’t used to being left alone for long periods - will be easier over half term when the kids are around to help.

First 3 sessions done - 17 to go. Treatment time down from 30mins to 15 yesterday. Worst bit is the vulnerability lying topless in the machine with your arms awkwardly above your head not daring to move or cough. My shoulders go to sleep by the time I sit up again.
Good you managed to change your appointment time, don’t need the added anxiety of the school bell looming over you. :slight_smile:

Hello ladies I have not posted for a while but have been keeping an eye on you all!!!I am hoping you can help me I finished rads last wednesday and have a very sore booby my skin is broken and wet underneath but my main reason for talking to you is there is a bruise on the side of my booby not far from my tattoo my skin is a odd colour anyway it does not hurt when pushed like a bruise would. Do you think this could be cancer again so soon as I having been having radiotherapy! It never goes away this fear of its return does it.

take care Linda x

I think you should give your breast care nurse a ring to talk about it. Poor you it sounds very sore. The BC nurse may be able to suggest a dressing or cream for you to treat the broken skin with too. I think we will all live in the shadow of recurrence after treatment is over.

Thanks Tresanne I think I will try to get an appoinment to see my GP tomorrow as it is even more sore today could not sleep it is so raw I’m not one to cry but it brought me to tears today. Other than holding my booby up there is nothing I can do for relief the hospital gave me those mushroom shape containers with gel in but its not helping oh dear well thanks for your reply I just feel so low at the moment. Linda x

Hi Rockinghorse, wondering whether your soreness has improved yet. What creams were you advised to use. I’m on no8 today and so far so good. Shocking how sore some of the ladies having neck rads look. Hope my poor boob doesn’t get that bad.

Hi Tresanne I have just posted in detail the treatment ect I was given when I went to see my GP. If you look in on the thread called
(Another Rant)there is some interesting reading on this subject.

Hope your skin is not to sore sending you a special healing wish.
Love Linda x

Hi, I started radiotherapy on Wednesday 26th May, have had 3 so far with 14 more to go, (day off for Bank Holiday !!) Appointments are all over the place, room was 80 minutes behind on the first day and 60 mins behind on the second day. I had to change rooms on the second day due to the machine which didn’t seem to like me !but it seems to have settled down now and hopefully next week will be a bit smoother( they lost my gown and called me by a completely different name twice but …)The staff are great. My skin is pink already so hope it doesn’t get too much worse as I had a reaction to a skin test for some particular spray that they recommended so will keep using E45 etc. All these hiccups mean nothing, I am grateful for the treatment I have received over the last year, 2 operations and 6 months of chemo and now the rads. This time last year I didn’t even know if I would be alive this year so I can cope with anything they throw at me now. To anyone just starting on this road, stay strong! JR

Well, I’ve now had 10 out of 15 and so far so good. My skin is pink - like mild sunburn - but seems to be holding up fairly well, it has been visibly pink since about zap 3 and is only getting very slightly redder each time. It’s much less pink first thing in the morning which the radiographers have indicated is a good sign. Just hope it holds out for the final 5.

My first 2 appointments ran late but since then they’ve been pretty much spot on time and I’ve been home within an hour and half of leaving so not too bad. The novelty has worn off though so it’s a bit of a drag going back and forth each day.

I’m on the home stretch now though - just as well as I feel like a ticking timebomb waiting for my skin to give up!


I reckon my skin’s been a bit pink since no3 too. Get the occasional ache/twinge but nothing more. After reading some of the red/raw stories I’m getting a bit nervous about being without a soft bra - 30G isn’t an easy size & usually needs full scaffolding support! Tried soft cotton maternity bras but found nothing to fit. Fingers crossed it won’t come down to going commando.

Hi all
I had my last rads on wednesday last week. it was just a case of you have had all your rads good luck. I feel very vulnerable at the moment, they say i will get an appointment for the onc through the post and it will prob be for September!
Is this right? do we not need to see someone sooner? i feel lost and confussed. seeing my doc tomorrow for an sick note a my 3 month one from breast clinic runs out 2moz. think i may need a few more weeks as my skin is very red, spotty and sore.
has anyone else finished treatment and feeling lost???
Linda x

Linda - I had a follow-up appt with my oncologist about 6 weeks after rads finished. I think this is normal and I would ask your BCN if you do not receive a follow-up appt through the post soon.

I also have appts every four months, alternating between the onc and my surgeon, for the first year, I think. After that every 6 months, for the next year and then annually - plus an annual mammogram.

I also felt lost after rads finished and became emotional at my onc appt. I think she was surprised and thought I would ‘be over it’ but from what I have read on here, it is pretty common.

Ann x