Anyone else with lung secondaries?


Anyone else with lung secondaires? I have bone and lung?


My mum has metastatic bc that has gone to her lung and is having chemo at the moment.

Hi fayjay

I have secondaries in my lung, liver, bone and eye and up to now am just taking Arimidex, but start on bone treatment tomorrow. I have noticed that my breathlessness has decreased and hope it is the hormone treatment working.

What treatments are having?

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Jay x

Hi Fayay and Ferber,
I was diagnosed with lung secondaries at the same time as my primary, and am on Herceptin and tamoxifen. Up to now, this combination has kept the tumours the same since May-will have another scan in the newyear.


I have 2 different types of lung secondaries. I have widespread lymphangitis which means it is in the whole of my lymph system in my lungs making them inflexible and effects how the oxygen is absorbed into my blood so need oxygen at times now. Then I have a couple of solid tumours at the end of my main bronchus and right branch of bronchus (windpipe). These solid tumours are causing me huge problems as they are pushing against my oesophagus (gullet) so have been unable to eat solid food for a couple of weeks. It got missed on reporting of the Ct scan which is rather disconcerting and worrying. I’ve had one dose of carboplatin/gemcetabine and my breathing has improved and I can now eat normally again so hope the rest of my chemo will give me improvements and maintain the quality and quantity of my life.
I was diagnosed with the lung secondaries in Sept 06 but had been breathless since diagnosis in april 05. Mine is a bit of a depressing story so probably a good job that the profiles are down!!!

My Mum has had bc for 23 years. My Mum was 42 when she had a lumpectomy she was on Tamoxifen and then it came back 14 years later and she had her breast removed, massive operation they did what you call a flap and took muscle from her back to rebuild it slightly. 4 years later it was in her lymph nodes so she had some removed, she also has a lymphodemia arm. For the last 18 months she has been quite breathless and x ray showed fluid on her lung. She had a pleurodesis as she had a pleural effusion. We got told that it was the cancer but nothing to worry about that it was treatable. My Mum was on Faslodex for 10 months but then she had 2 lumps in her neck and one one her head. We got told 5 weeks ago that the treatment wasn’t working and that the cancer had gone to her lungs. She is now on her second dose of EC chemo but I am finding it very difficult to cope. My Dad had also gone to pieces. On a positive note she has been alot better not as breathless but I can’t stop getting upset. She also has lymphangitis.

I have a 4 month baby and it upsets me that she won’t see her grow up. I just can’t imagine life without her she is my best friend and we do everything together. I see my Mum everyday. IMy Mum is positive and a fighter.

I had lung mets diagnosed last year ,my primary diagnosis was 4 years ago and my tumour was grade 1 with no node involvement! Needless to say the diagnosis last year was a bolt from the blue to put it mildly.I had FEC followed by Arimidex but further tests in September showed the Tumour Markers on the move again and a recurrance of the Pleural effusion. I am currently on my 4th cycle of Vinorelbine, the markers have stopped rising so I am hoping that they will now start coming down. My chest still feels tight so I am worrying about how effective it is.
I have been told that I can’t have Herceptin as I am not HER2 positive but my worry is that my supposedly hormone receptive cancer has now proved resistant to both exemastane and arimidex, I’ve also had an oopherectomy and prior to that Zoladex

Hi Katie,

My Mum had a plerodesis because of her pleural effusion. I don’t think my Mum can have Herceptin. She has started EC chemo apparantley it’s the strongest dose you can have. Her breathing has improved a little since the chemo. She only had her second dose on Tuesday so she is feeling quite sick at the moment. Are your lung mets just on one lung? My Mum has only really got one lung working due to radio treatment.


Hi Katie

Did you have your pleural effusion drained, or did it go away of its own accord with the FEC etc? I have just recently acquired pleural effusions both sides; the symptoms aren’t too bad just yet.