Anyone else with rib pain after lumpectomy?

My rib just under the affected breast is quite sore just wondered if anyone else had experienced this? Might just be all of the sitting around that I’m not used to and bra digging in.

Wish I spotted this earlier Hun my rib is killing me and in my mind of course I went from a to z and was convinced I have something seriously wrong. I took a paracetamol and the pain eased so was just going to mention it to nurse when I gave dressing change Wednesday. I really don’t want you to be in pain but I feel so reassured x

Mine did a little but eased off after a few days. Major surgery can tire out other parts of the body too. Just need to rest. But if concerned call your BC nurse tomorrow.xx

So glad you are feeling better x I am doing more too and feel quite well today (apart from the 2 hour nap lol) x