Anyone else with the same symptoms as me?

Hi everyone

I have just joined the forum and am terrified! About 4 weeks ago I noticed a pain in my left breast when I lifted my arms or put my arms together. There isn’t a lump as such, but a “lumpy hard area” in the upper part of my breast, towards my cleavage. It was the week before my period so I just waited to see what happened.

Well, my period came and went and it was still there so I went to see my GP last Tuesday who referred me to the Breast Clinic at my local hospital (Pinderfields, Wakefield). I have also had a dull nagging pain in my left armpit and achy arm, which has slowly got worse - now its there pretty much constantly and painkillers are not really cutting it. There is a very sore area and pea sized lump on the very side of my breast where it joins the armpit too, and I think the pain is coming from there. The pain is also radiating along my collar bone and down my arm.

Has anyone else had similar symptons and had it checked? What did it turn out to be?

I am 45 (46 on Saturday) and lost both my parents to cancer, so am quite cancer-phobic (mum lung, dad stomach). My dad’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer last year at the age of 79 and has had surgery and radiotherapy and has been given the all clear, thank god.

I am absolutely terrified about my appointment on Weds. I know I will have a mammogram, ultrasound and probably biopsy and am not worried about them, but the results. I have a 4 year old daughter who I tried for nearly 20 years for and am so scared about leaving her behind. I just want to cry every time I look at her (have done several times and she has started asking me if something is wrong).

Can anyone put my mind at rest? So many people (who have not had bc) have said that bc is not painful? Is this the case? The lump itself isn’t painful unless I squeeze it by moving my arms or prod it, but the pain in my armpit is always there and getting worse by the day.

Thanks for reading and sorry for waffling!

hey hun,
so sorry to hear about ur predicament i myself have been to pinderfield just 2day as it happens i found a lump about 12 month ago and ignored it i finally got the courage just 2 week ago to go to my gp after i noticed this lump was getting bigger and started to really hurt mine is on the inside of my right breast.

Such a scary time as my anty was dianosed with BC in her 30s and my daughter was also born with liver cancer (both in remission and doin very well)

I 1st went to pindersfield last week and had an ultrasound been back today for another ultrasound and a biopsy on it now i have to wait for the results.

I urge you not to google this as google only ever tells you the bad things never gives you any positive information (learnt from past experiences) the ladies i have spoke to on here have been lovely and made me feel at ease about the situation its such a difficult time at the moment for you try not to worry hope to hear from you soon take care

thanks for replying. I was lead to believe by my leaflet that I would have a mammogram and ultrasound and possibly biopsy at my appointment and that I would get the mammogram and u/s results that day and any biopsy after a week? I am guessing that this is not the case then? What did they do at your first appointment?

I am so glad your aunty and daughter are doing well. Cancer is such a horrible disease and sadly my only experience of it until my aunty got the all clear a few weeks ago was a negative outcome. My Grandma had lung cancer (dad’s mum) and died at 56 (she didn’t smoke by my grandad was a very heavy smoker so it was probably secondary smoke), my dad died of stomach and liver cancer at 65 (although to be fair he was a pretty heavy drinker), and my mum lung cancer at 73 (again a heavy smoker). As I don’t smoke or drink I figured I would be ok.

I don’t think I would be as worried if it wasn’t for my daughter, and i am sure you feel the same way. I can’t even look at her without welling up, I can’t bear the thought of leaving her. I recently went into hospital for surgery and she was devastated and was affected quite badly and I was only in 2 nights. I was 41 when I had her after trying for so long and really don’t want to leave her without a mum. If I have got cancer (which of course I have convinced myself I have) I have no idea what to tell her.

I was going to go on my own on Weds but have now asked my other half to come with me. He was taking the day off to look after Leah as my other people who I could ask locally are all on holiday. So he is going to tell his mum what is going on and ask her to come over from Rochdale to look after her instead.

gosh thats not a waffle, its a normal post for someone really scared about what is in for them. But I honestly think that pain is not a symptom of breast cancer. Even when the nodes get invaded with cancer I do not think they hurt.

But what does hurt is nodes fighting an infection. When i went along for all my tests one of my nodes was enlarged, but it turned out to be nothing to do with my cancer, it was just doing its job guarding me against the cyst I had going on

i am sure you have read that 9 out of 10 breast changes turn out not to be cancer, but its only natural to think–but what if i am the 1 out of 10 that does have it, especially if you have it in the family. Bit please hold onto the fact that breast cancer does not normally hurt or cause any pain. Pain is not on the list of symptoms to look out for.

Glad you are not worried about the actual visit – are you taking anyone with you?? you will probably have a long wait so the company is good, and if they do decide to do tests they will tell you exactly what they suspect, and an extra pair of ears is good. Or it is nice to have someone to celebrate with if they tell you quite emphatically that your lump and pain is nothing to do with cancer

Hi there Oldandlumpy.

I was going to go alone and leave my other half to look after Leah, but I have decided to take him with me, now I know that there is a good chance I will be told at my appointment if I have it or not. I so hope you are right. I am sitting here crying my eyes out and my arm and armpit are throbbing away.

I have been out and about with my daughter today trying to keep busy and have some quality time with her. She is only 4 bless her and I think she has already picked up that something is wrong. I keep telling her I am getting a cold which is why my eyes keep watering.

O and l I don’t want to upset anyone here wld just like to say my lump was painfull my gp was convinced it was a cyst because like most gp they seem to think cancer is not painful after loads of talks with my bcn this is not the case cancer lumps can be painful maybe not in all cases but obviously sum don’t wanna upset anyone just explaining my sit

sorry, mine too way before dx. my tumour and nodes hurt like hell right up untill removal.

well that just shows the value of sites like this rather than googling. There are lots of people on here with actual experiance rather than random aricles and information sites. I stand corrected.

hi everyone. Thanks your your replies. Spent another sleepless night last night tossing and turning but am feeling slightly more optimistic this morning for some reason. Its as if I have sort of accepted I probably have it and want to get on with getting rid of it!

Am keeping busy today cleaning, playing with my daughter and going to the cinema with her this afternoon. My Mother in law has been told and is coming over to take care of our little girl tomorrow while we go to the clinic.

Just one more thing - did any of you feel a sort of heat/tingling across your back roughly where your bra strap sits? I have been having this for a few weeks too and it seems to be present more often now. Of course I know I am super-aware of every part of my body at the moment but I have been mentioning it to my other half for a few weeks, asking him to check any moles etc in that area, which he said look fine (done directly where the tingling is).

The reason I am asking is that I had a gastric band fitted in March and had some problems with my biggest scar (where the port is). I saw the surgeon for my 6 week check and he said he wanted to take the band out as he thought the infection was probably on the band (you can’t clear infection from a foreign body, the only way to get rid is it is to remove the f.b). As it was the first time he had seen the scar and I had had 3 x antibiotics etc I thought it was starting to heal so I asked him for 4 more weeks, which he agreed to. Well it did heal, and he was surprised, but agreed to give me band fills. I am wondering if, after all, I do have an infection on my band which has spread to the surrounding tissue and this could be causing my itching and pain and swelling lymph nodes? (or am I just clutching at straws!)

good mornin mummytoleah,
i had another sleepless night too your ot on your own in that hun,
as for my 1st appointment at pinderfields i saw the doctor and had an ultrasound. the doctor that does the biopsy wasnt there on the day i 1st went and the lady that did the ultrasound wanted a second opinion as she wasnt 100% sure hence me goin back yesterday.

i wont lie to you the biopsy was painful and still hurts 2day but the staff are excellent and no wot they are doin so please try not to worry about it.

i went to my 1st appointment with my dad but he sat in the waiting room and looked after my daughter my mum came with me yesterday and came in while i had my biopsy, i no how u feel about lookin at ur princess tho i am exactly the same she keeps askin questions about why i have to go i just told her that mummy might have a poorly inside her and that ive got to go to hospital so the doctors can have a look at make me better like the did her.

If you ever need a chat please do not hesitate to get in touch you are not alone in this.


thank you so much for replying. When do you get your biopsy results? I am keeping everything crossed for you that you get the all clear. xxx

Am dreading 9am tomorrow!

Hello mummytolash, my hurts too , i thought it was a cyst but it was not.

Wishes you all the best.


Not much I can add except my best wishes. The waiting is so horrible but once you’ve had the appointment you will feel better than you do now, even if it’s not the news you’re looking for. Sounds like your band could be playing up and causing node things so no, you’re not clutching at straws. But I’m not medical so that the docs say is what matters.

Before i got my diagnosis I swear I’d near enough arranged my funeral and had decided what would happen with the kids but that wasn’t necessary and I have every intention of cuddling grandchildren .

Hold on in there, this really is the worst bit.


Thanks for your repies everyone. I have tried to keep positive and busy today, had a mini meltdown while I was cooking dinner but managed to compose myself again.

Dreading tomorrow but I suppose its best to know what’s going on so I can find out the best course of action.

Have been reading some stats on survival rates and am feeling a little more optimistic. I still think of cancer as being a death sentence, but I know things are much better these days

I WILL be a grandma one day!

Hi mummytoleah,

As well as the really good support you’re getting from your fellow forum users, if you need some extra support and a good listening ear, then please do phone the helpline here. Calls to the helpline are free, 0808 800 6000, lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

wishing all the best tomorrow hun, from one mummy to another! alex xx

Hi mummytoleah hope ur feelin a little better after ur mini break down I no its easy for me to say but try not to worry about tomorrow I can assure you the staff there will make you feel like its any other appointment they really are amazing.

Everyone associates cancer with death but u only have to look at my brave little girl in my pic to see that’s not always they case.

Fingers crossed for you for tomorrow will be thinking of you let us no how you get on

Hi everyone

Well, I had my appointment today and its good news!

I saw a consultant first and he had a quick prod around and immediately said “you don’t have cancer” I cried with relief, but still doubted him. He sent me for a mammogram and an ultrasound and the lovely radiographer (who did both) also told me that everything was ok. She did point out a couple of very small cysts but said they wouldn’t need draining. I then had to wait to see the consultant again and sat there for another 3.5 hours!!!

He basically said that its congestive breast tissue, probably caused by hormones and a bit of mastitits. I mentioned the tingling and heat across my back but he doesn’t think its related, so I will mention this to my bariatric surgeon when I see him again in a few weeks.

I can’t tell you how fantastic I feel today, it was such a relief. I have been going out of my mind, a feeling that I am sure you are all well aware of. I am so cancer-phobic and immediately thought I had a death sentence hanging over my head.

Can I just thank you all so much for the wonderful support that you have shown me over the last few days. You ladies are all amazing, and all deserve a medal for having the compassion to help people like me when you are going through such horrendous journeys yourself. If there is anything I can do to repay your kindness, please let me know.

I hope and pray that you all beat this horrible disease if you have it and live long and happy lives.

Thank you all so much again xxx

Thrilled for you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: many healthy wishes for the future! xxx

wow thats the third person leaving the waiting room tonight with good results–thrilled for you!!