Anyone feeling Sicky

Any help would be appreciated. Every since i start with this bl…dy. breast cancer i have been suffering with nausea and feeling sicky… Though it would have gone by now. But every day it comes back to haunt me… Havent started chemo yet till the end of month then i’l be in trouble, dont know what it is… Starting to wonder if the cancer has spread else were!!! could it be pain killer but i tried alsorts. Might try not taking any tablets tomorrow see if that works.
Bad news havent lost any weight with it ha ha …

hi leolady

had the same problem during my “wobbly phase” just before chemo

also spent 4 weeks on the verge of trembling and have since found out biting off husbands head

in fact I was even worried as to how they were going to tell whether I was sick due to chemo or worry

once i got my head together it passed

had first treatment today - am about to write it up if you are interested - it will be under the “anyone started chemo” thread

good luck

FizBix x

made a mistake - it’s under “Shopping llist for chemo” thread

What painkillers are you on? Certain painkillers like Neurofen can irritate your stomach. If you’re taking opiate painkillers like codeine they can cause constipation which can make you feel sick. Alternatively being under stress can give anyone an upset stomach.

If you ask your GP they might be able to suggest different painkillers or give you something to soothe your stomach.

Hi leolady,
If your diagnosis is fairly recent (ie a couple of months) it would be perfectly normal for this to be a reaction to the shock and emotion, not to mention teror that a diagnosis of BC brings! It’s such a well-documented side-effect of stress/worry/grief. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, but I appreciate it’s very wearing to live with. I found that once I got the first chemo under my belt i felt absolutely tons better.
Hope some of these comments help you
love jacquie x