Anyone from Brighton?

I’d really love to meet someone in a similar situation to me. I’m 37 and live in Brighton and am juggling breast cancer treatment with looking after two young children.
I’ve just had my second round of chemo but I’m being treated at the Royal Marsden so I haven’t really met anyone local. I have lots of support from friends and family but it’s not the same as someone who’s going through the same thing.
Anyone in this general area be interested in hooking up??

Hiya Judith,
I dont know if you are part of the facebook group - but i know we have some Brighton ladies on there (2 that i know of).
If you arent i will post in there and direct them here do they can see your post.

Hi Judith,
I’m 47 in Haywards Heath and starting chemo next Wednesday at the Nuffield in Brighton and my radiotherapy will be at the Sussex County. I’ve had mx and expander reconstruction in East Grinstead, think I’m doing all the sussex hospitals one by one! I’m intrigued as to why you are being treated in the Royal Marsden and not Sussex County - is there a specific reason?
I will be at the LGFB session at Sussex County on 30th April, have you been to one of those yet?

hi Judith I am from near Brighton and also go to the Royal Marsden (Sutton).I am an oap though.I know there are ladies on here who are from Brighton and there is also a very good support group at the Brighton/Sussex County hospital open to all bc patients, I know some of the ladies who go there .Katebil what is LGFB session?
Hope you get some replies,it can be quite lonely trying to cope on your own.

L xx

the lgfb session is ‘look good feel better’ the chemo units run sessions to help ladies with cancer learn about make up and beuty treatments to help with the side effects of cancer treatments…
kate xx

Hi all I’m also from brighton but have my treatment at the marsden I’m 48 3 boys happy to chat if anyone wants Laura

thanks kate did know about that…need to engage my brain.Really good sessions I know but I only use organic products and they don’t normally use those.

Laura there a quite a few of us sec ladies meeting up for lunch soon if you want to join us you are welcome, and also any other sec ladies in the Brighton area.It is a social meeting and always involves food and drink(water for me !!).PM me if you are interested.

L xx

Hi Judith, if you wanted to have a look at the facebook group, the link is… If you send a message letting them know you’re a younger lady (pre screening age) with a breast cancer diagnosis and that you heard about them here they’ll add you into the private chat group. Apart from there being some ladies there from Brighton and the surrounding area, there are also ladies (like me) juggling young children and BC treatment - it’s nice to talk to other people going through the same thing.