Anyone from Kent

Hi Everyone

I am new to this site and have recently been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in the lungs and ‘abnormalities’ in the liver. I originally had breast cancer in 2002 and had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed - all clear. I was told that I would be extremely unlucky for it to return, and am in total shock. Need some support please.


Dear Trixe, So sorry to hear your story and of course you’ll be in shock. There are ladies on this site who have secondaries and you’ll get a lot of support from them too. It might be worth posting a secondaries thread too, so ladies will pick that up as well as this kent thread.
Were you on Tamoxifen?
Best wishes
PS I’m in Folkestone , where are you ?

Hello Trixie

So sorry to hear of your re-occurance. I am also from Kent - Chatham, recently moved here so have little support apart from family. I have mets in lymph nodes and skin. I finished docetaxol in Jan and went on to Femara but they didn’t hold the tumours and I am now on Vinorebline oral chem which I started at Maidstone hospital last week. I know just what you mean about being in total shock, I still can’t beleive it myself. This is such a hard place, but I have had lots of support from the ladies on this site and I am sure you will too. I was originally diagnosed in Nov 2003, but I was always a high risk case for re-occurance as I had lots of lymph node involvement. But it doesn’t make it any easier… Where are you being treated?

All good wishes


Hi Trixie
thought i would bring this thread to the forefront, to see if anyone else from kent joins!
hope you are doing ok. looking forward to meeting you in august.
keep up the good work
deb x

Trixie, I’m from Chatham in Kent, and have just been diagnosed with secondaries in the pelvis, abdomen and liver, 21 years after my first bc primary and 8 years after my 2nd primary. I am in shock and coping very badly.

I will be treated at Maidstone Oncology Centre, with a portacath to be fitted in a week and my first chemo the day after that. I have only today joined this site.


Hi Daviesuk
so sorry to hear of your news and understandably you must be feeling so angry and scared at the moment. I just wanted you to know, that I had my treatment last year at Maidstone, under the Jones’s and Dr Burcombe. They were fantastic and couldnt fault them. The hospital are great and will do all they can for you and nothing is too much trouble.
wish you all the best
deb x

Hi DaviesUK

Sorry to hear that you have joined the club, but you will find the ladies here are very helpful and supportive - they have been to me.

The feelings you describe are exactly how I felt when I was told that the original bc had spread to internal organs. I was diagnosed in April with lung mets and ‘abnormalities’ in liver, and felt absolutely devastated. I didn’t know anyone in the same position, and wasn’t even aware that my primary bc (October 2002) could come back as secondaries.

I am being treated at QEQM Hospital, Margate and the staff there couldn’t be more kind and helpful. I have to have six treatments, three weeks apart, of FEC chemo and at mo my hair is coming out by the handful which is really upsetting. Have managed to get a couple of wigs and will wear scarves, etc. round house.

Good luck with your treatment - I hope all goes well for you.


Hi DaviesUk
how are you? not heard from you for a while. how is the treatment going and are you coping ok?
deb x

Hello Ladies,
Joined the forum just over a week ago. I am from Kent too. Being treated at the Kent & Canterbury mostly but have also been at The William Harvey (Ashford) and QEQM (Margate), I live in Dover and work in Folkestone, so am being sent all over ("on tour"as my family call it!)
I was diagnosed in March and had a WLE with axillary node clearance in April. I start chemo on Monday, am really nervous of the possible side effects. Have been busy buying scarves today, but not a clue how to tie them without looking like a pirate!
Hope to chat soon.
Lots of love to you all.

Hi fluffyduck

Just read your thread and would like to wish you well with your treatment next week.

I am being treated at QEQM, Margate but my onc is based at K & C - Dr Smedley - are you under him? I go to various appointments at Margate and Canterbury, although chemo is always at Margate. Had a wig fitted at Canterbury, and also attend remedial therapies - reflexology, massage, etc. in the bungalow at K & C.

Had bc primaries in 2002, and in 2008 was given all clear. In April this year was diagnosed with secondaries to lungs and am now undergoing six lots of FEC chemo, three weekly intervals. Had my second one last week. First week I am not really able to do anything, very weak and no energy, but second and third week pick up.

Good luck. You will find a lot of support on this site, and it is helpful to know that you are not alone.

Take care, Trixie

Hi Trixi,
Great to chat to you. I’m under Dr Mithal at K&C, she’s lovely. I’ll be having 3xFEC followed by 3xTAX, then radiotherapy afterwards. Seems like a huge mountain to climb, but has to be done. Although I have had my surgery and recovered well, I’m still in the “this can’t be happening” stage. What other side effects have you had? Were you sick? That worries me more than most of the others. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis after being given the all clear, I hope they can sort it for you this time.
All the best.

I am also from Canterbury and under Dr Smedley, we renamed him Dr Nasty! at out last appointment he was so rude when we asked questions, my husband was very close to giving him a mouth full, but when your life is in his hands, it’s best to bite your lip!
I have my last planned chemo on the 24th June, light at the end of the tunnel. I am on day 12 of Tax and have a bad mouth, the taste is so bad. I have mets on the lungs and they can’t find the primary, so I have just been offered chemo and now I am also haveing Herceptin for as long as it works.
At least the sun has been out today!

Hi fluffyduck

Yes, my friend was under your lady onc and said how lovely she was.

To relieve your mind, I have not been sick at all on FEC. They give you anti-sickness pills to take for the first three days, and then as required after that.

The only thing that affected me was the steroid tablets. They give me four tablets at start of chemo and they tend to make me a bit dizzy for a few minutes, but it soon passes. I then have to take three a day for three more days, but make sure I space them out - don’t want more dizzy turns at home!

You will find that you need to rest, especially the first week, and don’t try to force yourself to do things. I found that out the hard way - went up to London to a BCC support group three days after first chemo - and was really rough for a couple of days after. Wont be doing that again.

Glad to hear that your treatment has worked for you. If you have any questions re the FEC I would be happy to let you know how I have found things, but everyone is different. All I can say is that it is doable. I am on my second week now and beginning to feel ‘normal’ again, but last week I was so spaced out and had to rest all the time. Now I have to catch up on all the household chores - oh joy!

love Trixie

Hi Mandylou 1

Thanks for your message. Sorry to hear you have secs in lungs. Does it make you breathless? My vocal chords have been damaged by the disease and so I am a bit hoarse (my friends say it sounds quite sexy but they don’t have to put up with it - it can be so annoying when you are out and trying to talk to someone, but can’t raise your voice. I also had a cough, but that seems to be getting a bit better since I have been having chemo.

I was under our onc when I was diagnosed with primaries, and I had to have radiotherapy after a lumpectomy. He tends to talk to the patient rather than their relatives, but I am sure he has our best interests at heart - my husband also experienced this reaction. I am due to go to see him this week to see how I am getting on. Have had two lots of FEC and I suppose he wants to see how I am reacting.

I am waiting to see whether I can have Herceptin. They are still doing tests to find out whether I would be responsive to it. My primary was oestrogen receptive, but I know that can change.

Have you got a mouth wash for your sore mouth? My dentist gave me some Corsodyl and told me to rinse out with that each night. So far it seems to have done the trick.

Glad you are at the end of your chemo, and I expect you are looking forward to a nice break now. If you need any help though, this site is fantastic for support, and I am sure that someone would be able to answer any queries you have.

Best wishes, Trixie

I’m just coming to the end of my first Taxotere 21 days. Saw Dr Abson yesterday and she was surprised at the strength of the SE (dreadful abdominal cramps for days & days, and awful squ*ts for 36 hours) I suffered and had reduced the dose for the next treatment.

Husband and I are going down to the south coast for the weekend to gather strength for next Tuesday :-/

Anyone else being treated at Maidstone?

Hi Davies uk,
I actually moved during treatment. Ihad my chemo at Taunton, 3 fec and 3 tax. Each tax I had the dose reduced, asthe SEs were difficult to cope with, mainly my mouth. Nothing seemed to help. However I did get through it!
after that I moved to Sevenoaks and had my rads at Maidstone. They were wonderful as was Anna the breast care nurse. She sorted out my worries kindly and efficiently.
They also have a counsellor especially attached to the oncology centre if needed.
The other thing I highly recommend is"Look good, feel better".I went to the maggie centre in london, but I believe they do it at Maidstone. It is a skincare and make up session for ladies with cancer and it really makes you feel wonderful. Everyone looked amazing at the end of it. Also they give you a make up bag with loads of wonderful goodies, Clinique, lancome, estee lauder etc. Well worth going. A great morale booster.
All the best for your treatment ladies,

hi all
I had my treatment at maidstone, couldnt fault them. I saw the Jones’s and had Dr Burcombe as my oncologist. Anna is very nice to. They are a great bunch there, and the rads team were so nice, I made some good ‘friends’ whilst having the treatment. I also went to the ‘look good’ meeting, held at maidstone hospital, and really enjoyed it. got a nice selection of goods to bring home to. I had counselling with the lady attached to the onc dept, and found it really helped, she was very nice. can recommend it, as you can really open up to someone not closely attached to you.
good luck to you ladies, hope treatment is kind to you

Hello Kent Ladies,
I’m on day 14 of my first Fec and feeling much better than I did last week! The thing I found most difficult and distressing through that first week, apart from the nausea, was an awful achy restlessness. Has anyone else had this? any suggestions how to deal with it?
Lots of love girls.

Hi fluffyduck

Glad you are feeling better after your first FEC. The first week is the worst - totally spaced out, like walking into a brick wall - no energy and very weak. Thats how I feel at mo, but cant fight it or it just makes it worse.

Second and third week are better, although usually tired in the afternoons on the second week. Know what you mean about the restlessness - it is just such a horrible time and you don’t feel right at all. Took me ages to make my lunch today. Had to keep sitting down until I got the strength to do a bit more. Have always been used to being on the go, and feel in a different world now.

Hope your treatment goes well for you. I saw my Onc after two treatments and he said nodes had shrunk a little. The ladies on this site seem generally to have had a good reaction to the FEC.

Take care, love Trixie x

Hi Trixie,
Sorry you’re having a rough time at the mo. Are you on FEC only? I’ve got 3 more FEC (one due on Monday) and then 3 Taxotere. Have you had any surgery? I had a lumpectomy and 26 nodes removed, only 2 were affected by the cancer.
I hope you’re feeling better today.

Love Elaine.xx