Anyone from Liverpool??

Anyone from Liverpool??

Anyone from Liverpool?? I am interested in knowing if anyone on here is from liverpool and goes to the linda mccartney centre and had breast surgery at the womens hosp?

they want to change so much here for patients and are planning on moving everything to another hosp which has a purpose built theatre and unit for BC patients.

an article said they will be asking for patients opinions i wonder if anyone knows how you get to be one of the patients as i have quite definate views.


Hi Ruth I am from Birkenhead and was treated at the Royal and the Women’s.

If you want to express a view about the proposed changes - you can contact Liverpool Primary Care Trust. They are responsible for undertaking the consultation on the changes. Details as follows:

1 Arthouse Square
61-69 Seel Street
L1 4AZ

Main Reception: 0151 296 7000
Fax: 0151 285 4602



Ta hun hey thanks for that prompt reply will e-mail them
ru on other site as i wud love to contact you?
i am good at putting my views and opinions forward and have very strong views on this but dont know enough to voice them.

Love Ruth xx

Hi again Yes am on other site - with same name

k x

Ask under Freedom of Information as well Would strongly suggest you e-mail the Central Liverpool PCT site - or write (address on web site) asking what treatment they will fund for individual types of diagnosis under Freedom of Information - the more specific the better for replies. Ask to be directed to the Information Governace dept. They may not be able to give all the answers, but should route out the right info or referral info for you all.

Liverpool Hi Ruth

My name is Jan
I have had surgery at Fazakerley hospital and chemo at Walton hospital where nurses come over from Clattersbridge. I have not heard anything about Linda McCartney centre moving but am presuming it would be to Fazakerley where the Marina Dalglish center is to be opened.
For people this side of the city this is good news as Walton hospital has no facilities and you take you chemo in any room that is available at the time in a very run down hospital.
Could you let me know more please.


Hospitals Hi Jan
i could have sworn i had replied to your questions.

The Linda Mc centre would be moving to Broadgreen hosp apparently they have a new place built brand new theatres for breast cancer surgery.
It is the women’s hosp that we have surgery at and they want to keep it there so i think they both have to submit reasons why they want to do the breast surgery.

I dont know whether all services would be moved to Broadgreen like screening but to me it seems sensible to have it all under one roof.

One thing i did find very difficult at the womens and it is the only thing as the care was excellent is that it is a maternity hosp and I dont think someone with BC wants to see congratulatory balloons and joy when they have this loomin over them especially not when they are having surgery. Upset me greatly got me thinking will i see grandchildren etc etc and how happier life was when i was having the kids and how crap life is now.

Thanks for addresses to write to as i did hear they wanted patients input and thoughts will follow it up just not had time or energy lately.