Anyone from SW Scotland going to Glasgow for Treatment?

I start rads in 2 weeks time for 5 weeks and wondered if there was anyone else in my area wants to compare notes. I have DCIS, high grade and had a WLE and then a cavity shave to get the bu…r, now its the 25 zaps. Anyone else in the area having the same?

Hi Biker Babe

I live in Dumfries, and had my rads at the Western in Edinburgh. Anything I can help with, please just ask!

She x

Hiya, thank for replying, just wondering what to expect - I’m not looking forward to being away from home Mon - Fri for 5 weeks even though OH is planning to come up to Glasgow one night a week, weather permitting. Really, its the fear of the unknown, especially as the Oncologist isnt sure my skin will hold up for 25 zaps.

Whereabouts are you from? I had to stay at Western Monday to Friday for four weeks (leaving my nine month old baby at home) but it actually wasn’t as bad as I expected. Radiotherapy will be you quite tired, so at least if you’re up there, you can just rest up whereas if you were at home you would be more likely to be doing too much. My skin was absolutely fine all the way through, including the four or five booster rads at the end. The worst it got was a little bit itchy, like a sunburn.

The actual treatment itself is fine, takes less than a couple of minutes and you don’t feel anything which really surprised me.

She x

Hi She, I am from Lockerbie and am going to be zapped at The Beatson for 5 weeks. I am hoping to be able to work most days, taking the laptop up to the hotel with me and going to use the hotel’s wifi to stay in contact.

Hi Biker Babe,

I’ve just finished my rads at the Beatson. I had a bolus on (big dod of wax) for each of my treatments which concentrates the dose on the skin. This was because the cancer had already affected my skin by the time I was diagnosed. Despite that it held up well during the treatment. It’s very red and itchy and at it’s worst right now but still no blistering. I slapped on the cream they give you all through the treatment. Can’t say for sure it made any difference but I wasn’t taking the risk of not using it.

Best advice I can give you for the Beatson is make sure you have a good book or magazine with you at your appointment. The appointments never run to time and the machines sometimes break down. I met some very nice people in the waiting room and got to know them quite well.

best of luck.

Jan xxx

Thanks Jan, I am taking books up there. My appointments are booked for 17:10 each day so hopefully they wont be that much later.
We had a look in Friends of the Beatson when we were up for the ct planning and it is fab, couldnt believe they had such a great place available.
I’m starting to get a bit anxious now that t is so close, not worried exactly, but anxious. It’s with being away from home for the 5 weeks. I know I will get home on a Friday night until a Monday morning, but still it seems a long time.
Sorry for the moan.

Dear Biker_Babe

You might be interested in my experience re my rads. Just over 4 years ago I had 29 sessions of rads at the Beatson. Because I stayed in the Central Highlands I was put up in the Pond Hotel on a Monday thro to Friday basis. I met many wonderful people and am still in touch with some of them today. Most were from far away places including some of the more remote parts of Scotland but there were also five ladies from the Dumfries area - Dalbeattie, Castle Douglas, New Galloway, Thornhill and Lockerbie. Apart from our breakfast which was served in the hotel, we went to the hospital canteen for our lunch and evening meal. Gartnavel is in one of the best areas of Glasgow. You can be in the heart of the west end in a very short time. You can easily get to Hyndland and Byres Road where there are lots of interesting cafes etc. Sauchiehall Street is only a bus ride away. I know things have changed since the new Beatson was built at Gartnavel and I’m not sure if cancer patients are put up in the Pond Hotel any more. Do they have their own hospital apartments? Apart from your rads (which I found easy after 9 months of chemo) I am sure you will have an uplifting experience.

I hope that helps you to be a little less anxious.

Best of luck.


Thanks Jeannie,

Yes, they are putting me in The Pond. They actually wanted me to start on 28th Dec and stay in the hospital but I really didnt want to do that in case I couldnt sleep or was put in with someone who was terminal which would really depress me, watching them fade. I think it is just the waiting isnt it, also the boob is shrinking so much, the surgeon said I wouldnt be able to see any difference but lo and behold there is now a big difference. Just my luck lol.

Hi Biker Babe.

I’ve had chemo and surgery as well as the rads and always found time seems to drag while waiting for treatments to start. You’ll be surprised how quickly the time goes once you get started.

Jordanhill station is at the bottom of the hill on the back way into Gartnavel. You’ll be able to get regular trains there that take you into the city within a few minutes. There a quite a few worthwhile outings nearby and I’m sure the hotel will be able to direct you.

By the way, I think you might get your treatment earlier on a Friday. They usually do the people who are staying early in the morning so that they can get off home. If they haven’t mentioned this already I would ask them. You really don’t want a 17:10 appointment on a Friday. One of the team at treatment room I lives near me. She told me they sometimes don’t get off work until after 6.00 because they have run late.

Jan xx

Hi Biker Babe

I’m glad your staying in the Pond Hotel. It’s been done up since I stayed there and I’m sure you will feel like you’re being pampered a little.

You rad times on a Friday are usually given earlier in order to let you get on your homeward journey, especially helpful for those travelling a distance. You may also find because you are on the spot, there is a certain amount of flexability re rad times. I certainly changed a few times as the ladies I got friendly with were all first thing in the morning. I used to go down really early for my rads which meant I had the day to myself. I went out most days.

Jan - do you mean Hyndland Station - didn’t want to cause any confusion here and maybe Jordanhill Station is close but I’ve always got off at Hyndland. The bus service on Great Western Road is also pretty good for taking you into town.

Good luck.


Thanks Jan and Jeannie. I am hoping to walk out to West Coast Harley Davidson on North Street but as its about 3 or 4 miles away I might have to look for a bus back or ask the dealership for a lift back lol. I normally do a 2 mile walk every day as well as the normal everyday walking about so should be able to do it weather permitting.
Hope you both had a fab new year